SHIITAKE MUSHROOM PLUGS (100)  **Sold Out** - Pinetree Garden Seeds - Mushrooms



A potential vitamin D super source when dried under the sun for 8+ hours, the Shiitake is esteemed for both health-stimulating properties and culinary value. Found primarily on thicker-barked hardwoods like oak, they will also do well on “scrub” hardwoods, like alder, but will have a shorter lifespan. When properly cared for, this super-boosted newest generation of Shiitake will continue to give the most prolific harvests. A patch can be harvested at 2-week intervals for up to 16 weeks. Plugs will begin to fruit in as little as 6 months, with the most substantial fruitings appearing in 1–2 years. Fruiting temperature 50- 80°F