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Seed Starting Supplies

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    These labels will stop the guess work of varieties you are growing without continually referring back to your notes. The shorter ones are primarily for pots and flats while larger sizes serve best in the garden. The popular white plastic ones are easily legible and should last you several seasons. Learn More

  2. Seed Spoons

    SEEDSPOONS **sold out**

    Some seeds are so small, they can be almost impossible to work with. Now you can choose from a variety of 4 different sizes on 2 spoons that allow you to pick up and plant the tiniest seeds one seed at a time. No more wasted seeds or thinning. The spoons are made of a bright yellow polypropylene for easy visibility and controlled flexibility. Each spoon has a specific size on each end, ranging from .030, 050, .075 and .100 of an inch, so each set will hold almost any seed size. We find it helpful for not crushing pelleted seeds as well. Learn More

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  3. Seedling Sprayer / Duster


    This is the ideal watering device for your tender seedlings or seed starting trays. It offers a gentle spray that does not wash away those tiny seeds in your cell pack trays or especially the 20 rows seed flats into another row. It is also useful for a quick watering of small indoor houseplants or small container plants as well. The rubber bottle holds 12 oz of water and with a gentle squeeze sprays out of a 3/4" brass rose sprayer. An additional rose-end attachment is included for dusting purposes such as anti-fungal or insecticide powders. Overall length is 11" long. Learn More

  4. Seedling Heat Mat

    Seedling Heat Mat

    Provide the perfect germinating condition for your indoor seed starting experience. With a single common seed flat and propagation dome you can be assured the bottom heat it provides will give you the ideal warm soil environment for quicker germination and healthier plants off to a great start. Essential for many flowers, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants, the heat mat provides uniform heat of 17 watts, 120 volts for warming the root area up to 10-20% more. The thick, waterproof mat has a multi-layer construction that is heat bonded, not glued to stay sealed fur durability and has a 6' power cord. The mat measures 9" x 19.5", the ideal size for one common seed flat or try a variety of seeds with our 20-Row Seedling Flat (H117E). Instructions and tips are printed directly on the mat. Learn More



    3' h X 4' w X 4' d This compact cold frame is ideal for apartments or decks for germinating, seedling development or hardening off for those of you who have limited space. It can maintain up to eight seedling flats or a number of small plants up to 3' in height. It has a full zipper closure on both sides for easy access and comes with screened panels for ventilation and proper air circulation. It includes ground stakes and a shade cloth and two port holes for hose and power cord. The open bottom allows you to place over existing plants, beds and containers. Learn More

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  6. Seed Tape


    3/4" x 100' Roll. The easiest way to sow seeds accurately! This convenient roll has pre-glued side with pre-printed 1/4" increments so there's no guesswork on spacing. Not only does this make a tidy straight row, thinning isn't necessary. We find it ideal for small seeds such as carrots, radishes, beets and many lettuces. Simply cut a strip to the desired length you want, peel back the backing and place the seeds on the adhesive strip to the desired spacing. Then you simply place the tape in a furrow, lightly cover with soil and water. You may prefer to do this indoors, several weeks in advance by replacing the backing after placing your seeds, label and store until planting time. A great way to beat cabin fever! Learn More


    SEED SPREADER - sold out

    One of the best seeders we have come across. This shoulder-style model has a nylon bag that resists tearing and rotting and has a zippered top for easy filling. This nylon construction allows for the bag to remain upright when filling yet collapses for easy storage. The contoured base easily shapes around your hips with an adjustable shoulder strap and long crank handle for comfort. The rocking agitator provides smooth, even material feeding to the distribution plate and the high speed direct drive gear box allows you to adjust the spread width between 8 ft and 12 ft by simply changing the crank rate. With complete directional control and spring to close shut-off we found it can spread a wider area than the ground push conventional models with a better even distribution. The hopper holds a generous amount of seed, approximately 20 pounds. We recommend dry, free flowing grass seeds, small grains, cover crops as well as fertilizers. Learn More

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    Suitable for indoors or out, is this stone colored, plastic bowl that can hold approximately 1.8 gallons of assorted annuals or houseplants. (Drainage plug is included). Learn More

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    This is a relatively new soil amendment requiring no mining or land destruction to produce. Many growers agree, it's the perfect replacement for perlite. Extremely light weight, it produces the optimum air-filled pore space, water-holding capacity and drainage. Uniquely processed, the rice hulls are steralized by par boiling, giving their name "PBH" (par boiled hulls), steaming and hot air drying. This assures there are no rice kernel residues, weed seeds or diseases. It's now being introduced in a wide variety of growing applications by adding it with peat, coir and bark at the rate of 10-30% of total growing media, so the higher the (PBH) ratio, the lighter the growing media will be, offering better drainage and better root development. It has a pH range of 6.2 to 6.6 and provides less than 1% nitrogen content so fertilize accordingly. Learn More



    You'll appreciate the convenience of the color-coded capsule system that reads the nutrients of your soil in minutes. By testing the nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and the ph levels (acidity and alkalinity) of your soil, you can determine whether to fertilize or adjust the ph levels for your plants growing needs. Take a sample of soil and mix it with water, transfer the solution into the desired holder, add the powder from the capsule, shake and watch the test results in minutes. The kit includes 4 test holders, 40 test capsules, 10 each for ph, n, p and k, instructions for adjusting the ph and fertilization guidelines and a listing of ph preference for over 450 plants. Learn More



    A calibrated meter that gives instant read outs of your soils ph levels. The probed instrument will suggest what to do if your soil is not in the desired ph range. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use with a reference guide of more than 350 plants, including: lawns, shrubs, trees and vegetables. No batteries required. Learn More



    For the gardener with limited space who wants to make a splashing display. Perfect for strawberries or annual flowers, this 3-tier design will accommodate 50-75 plants. Constructed of heavy corrosion-resistant aluminum and comes with its own sprinkler. Maximum diameter 6 ft. Learn More

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