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    Discover how easy it is to mill your own grain. Sturdy rollers made from highly tempered steel have adjustable settings to obtain desired grain consistency anywhere from flakes to flour. A special screen separates the flour from the bran and a convenient brush is enclosed for easy cleaning. The grinder attaches easily to multiple surfaces with the supplied ā€œCā€ clamp. And the hopper holds approximately 1 cup. Within minutes you can have freshly ground flour for all your baking needs. Learn More

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    These sturdy plastic molds are strong enough to make at least 25 stepping stones with careful handling. Simply grease the molds and fill with a basic mortar mix or cement you can find at your local hardware store. Paints and coloring can be added to customize your stones or you can leave them in their natural concrete color. Sixty pounds of mortar mix usually makes approximately 5 stones and takes only 24 hours to set. Complete instructions are included with each mold. A hexagon shaped stone with a twining grapevine design. 12" X 13". Learn More

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    Special Price: $12.98

  3. Green Princess Cookbook


    By Barbara Beery. "It's easy being green"! Barbara Beery is the founder of Batter Up Kids cooking school and a best selling author. With this book, directed toward ages 6 and up, she includes tips on saving energy and being environmentally aware as well as giving them a wonderful variety of recipies that everyone can make and enjoy! A Dig That Earth Day Hummu is made with red beets and chick peas and makes an absolutely gorgous purple color that was delicious. These simple recipes will dress up any princess party and every princess knows in her heart that she can save the world. Hardcover with inside spiral bound. 64pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $21.95

    Special Price: $14.98

  4. Giant Pumpkins II


    By Don Langevin Here, you'll find complete directions for growing, caring for, and moving (no small feat) giant pumpkins. The first step is to obtain the right seed - Howard Dill's strain (which we carry, item # 296). There are some real characters in the giant pumpkin world and you get to meet them here - and view their accomplishments in numerous colored photographs. These champions are also generous sharing their tips with readers. But what you see most here is how much fun everyone has trying to reach that 1400 lb record! Hardcover 159 pp Learn More

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    Special Price: $19.98

  5. Guilt Free Dog Owners Guide


    By Diana Delmar This is an excellent guide for all aspects of owning a dog. She shows you how to select the best dog suited to your personality, schedule and living space, how to puppy proof your home, indoor and outdoor housebreaking tricks, professional training versus training yourself, sitters and kennels, and keeping your neighbors friendly. A helpful guide to enjoying a great companion without the stress and worry. Softcover 180pp Pub at $10.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $10.95

    Special Price: $1.00

  6. Healthy Child Healthy World


    by Christopher Gavigan forward by Meryl Streep. This book offers a guide to creating a healthy, nontoxic and environmentally sound home. "Childhood cancer is up 25% in the last generation, and asthma has surged - more than 6 million children now suffer from it. While these troubling increases can't wholly be attributed to environmental poisons, there are measures we can all take to reduce risk" - from the forward by Meryl Streep. This and contributions by Gweneth Paltrow, Brook Shields, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Toby McGuire and Kate Hudson shows how concerned we are as a nation about our children. From the beginning we can make changes; preparing for baby, cleaning with safer suds, choosing, eating and storing healthier food, natural body care, safer toys and clothing for our children, greener gardens, yards and outdoor spaces, clean air and water, raising a green pet, and healthy home improvement. Each chapter has helpful tips, web-sites to check out, and safe substitutions so we can make ourselves, our homes and lifestyles much better ones. Soft cover 321pp. Learn More

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    A 10 1/2 in plastic color wheel that reveals 16 culinary herbs to grow in or outdoors, with sun or shade requirements, methods of propagation, harvesting and preserving for maximum flavor. It also features the companion herb for cooking with creative recipe ideas. Learn More

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    Special Price: $6.95



    This 5 piece canning kit gives you all of the essential tools you need for canning. This kit contains a canning funnel, for both wide mouth and regular size jars, a magnetic lid catcher that safely removes canning lids from hot water and for easy placement on jars, a cushion coated jar lifter that safely removes hot jars from canner, a jar wrench that grips any size screw-on caps making removal easy and a pair of vinyl coated grip handled kitchen tongs to use for a number of canning and cooking purposes. Learn More

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    Special Price: $14.95

  9. How to Find Flower Faries


    Sure to enchant young and old alike, this is an exquisitely illustrated book based on the Cicely Mary Barker flower fairies. It gives lots of good advice on finding flower fairies and even some practice! Five enchanting pop-up scenes of a tree top, forest floor, garden, marsh, and wayside, are full of hidden fairies for little ones (or anyone!) to find. Large format 10" x 11-1/2" hardcover. 13pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price: $19.98

  10. K-9 YARD PATCH 30 OZ

    K-9 YARD PATCH 30 OZ - Sold Out

    A premium grass seed formulated for pet owners to repair damaged areas and dog urine spots in your lawn. This all season blend of gypsum and perennial grasses quickly restores your yellow spots back into lush green turf again. Safe for pets and children to play on even immediately after application. Just rake the burnt spot to loosen soil and apply a thin layer to cover the damaged area and water thoroughly. For best results keep the area moist to speed germination. This 30-ounce bag covers 250 square feet or enough for 90 bare spots! Learn More

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  11. Keeping Fitness Simple


    By Porter Shimer 500 tips for fitting exercise into your life. The focus is different ways to fit more exercise into a busy life even if you don't have hours to go to the gym or jog, or bike. This new approach to fitness deals with what to do in the morning, activities you can fit into your workday, or evening activities, combining fitness and fun with your family, activities when traveling, sports, and diet. The appendix includes 20 pages of exercises, some are familiar but others are very innovative. Softcover 172 pp Pub. at $9.95 Learn More

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    This is the handiest sprouting device we've seen. The design allows quick and thorough rinsing with improved air circulation which is important for healthy sprouts. Two varieties of seed can be sprouted at once in the stackable hard plastic trays. Stores conveniently at 8" x 8" x 2 1/2". Drip tray, lid and instructions and tips included. Learn More

    Regular Price: $27.00

    Special Price: $18.00

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