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Health and Wellness

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    By Tammy Safi. This is a wonderfully informative book by Tammy Safi, a fully qualified herbalist, who gives us history, benefits, methods of brewing, using and making your own tea. She tells us about traditional teas as well as fruit, exotic floral blends and teas from your garden. This is a beautiful book with full color photos that will help you understand the healing qualities of the many varieties of teas. With an easy to follow tea chart and an ailments and ingredients index. This is the perfect book to boost your immunity, soothe a sore throat, aid digestion, or to simply help you relax with an aromatic drink! Hardcover 112pp Learn More



    Sprout grains and beans without a jar! This bag is made from natural, chemical-free, untreated hemp with a small amount of linen fibers that make it a durable fabric that should last for years. This unique combination of fibers allows good air circulation with 100% drainage so that water never collects at the bottom. When mature, store the sprouts in the refrigerator in the bag. Rinse every 2 or 3 days and sprouts will keep 7 to 14 days. The bag also has high oil content, making them resistant to mold and mildew. The hemp sprout bag is best for sprouting larger grains and beans including: green pea, mung, adzuki, sprouting wheat, rye, barley, soy, peanut, garbanzo, fenugreek, chia, and shelled sunflower. Convenient and easy to use, just dip in water, hang on hook or knob, or lay in dish rack and it's ready in only 4 to 5 days. Size is 7" x 10" and grows a generous 1 to 2 pounds of beans, the equivalent of a 3/4 gallon jar. Learn More



    This 5 piece canning kit gives you all of the essential tools you need for canning. This kit contains a canning funnel, for both wide mouth and regular size jars, a magnetic lid catcher that safely removes canning lids from hot water and for easy placement on jars, a cushion coated jar lifter that safely removes hot jars from canner, a jar wrench that grips any size screw-on caps making removal easy and a pair of vinyl coated grip handled kitchen tongs to use for a number of canning and cooking purposes. Learn More

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  4. Keeping Fitness Simple


    By Porter Shimer 500 tips for fitting exercise into your life. The focus is different ways to fit more exercise into a busy life even if you don't have hours to go to the gym or jog, or bike. This new approach to fitness deals with what to do in the morning, activities you can fit into your workday, or evening activities, combining fitness and fun with your family, activities when traveling, sports, and diet. The appendix includes 20 pages of exercises, some are familiar but others are very innovative. Softcover 172 pp Pub. at $9.95 Learn More

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  5. Making Herb Vinegars

    Making Herb Vinegars

    How to make great tasting gourmet herb and fruit vinegars. Includes 55 recipes and lots of uses. Learn More



    by Svetlana Konnikova MA, AN. Many traditional medicines were based on plant use, the knowledge of which was passed down through the generations. Much of that has been lost, which is why books like this are so valuable. Svetlana Konnikova began documenting the herbal wisdom of her Russian heritage when she was 12. She came from a long line of old healers and her mother was a doctor with an interest in natural healing. Her book is wonderful for those interested in a natural approach to health. There are numerous safe and easy-to-make remedies for the following conditions: common colds (89 recipes), allergies (61), children's allergies (40), headaches (70), sleep (63), fatigue (19), stress (10), and asthma (51). Remedies use over 100 medicinal herbs, vegetables and other plants and are in the form of teas, 'nastoykas' (infusions), tinctures, juices, compresses, and just plain good advice. In addition, Konnikova spices up the text with personal antidotes and Russian folktales. Softcover 312pp. Learn More



    Turn any stockpot into a canner. Ideal for small batches it holds 2 quarts, 4 half pints or 4 one pint canning jars. The purpose is to elevate the jars off the direct heat, so the hot water circulates freely around the jars. The contoured, comfort grip handles can rest on the pot rims. A hard to find item in the stores. Measures 8.25” in diameter. Learn More

  8. Natural Baby Care


    by Colleen K Dodt. A natural way to take care of you and your baby with relaxation methods for pregnancy and childbirth, aromatic recipes for using herbs and essential oils, sage and simple homeopathic remedies and natural baby care. From soothing baths to clean skin and healthy environment, this well help you get off to great beginnings for yourself and your child. Solfcover 156 pp. Learn More

  9. Natural Foot Care


    by Stephanie Tourles. Easy recipes for all kinds of care of your feet, with moisturizing creams, relaxing soaks, healing salves, instructions for at home pedicure, natural solutions for corns, bunions and cold feet and exercises for strengthening and stretching foot muscles. With these natural foot care recipes you will keep your feet in their best shape and it will help you improve your overall health - your feet's condition affects your whole body. Softcover. 188 pp. Learn More

  10. Outdoor Survival Kit


    What every gardener or outdoor adventurer needs to survive! This contains: a Tick remover kit, with tick identification guide, tweezers, bandaids and educational pamphlet all included in a 4? x 5? zippered nylon pouch, cooling neck or head wrap (or bandana), oatmeal glycerin, orange, tea tree and citronella essential oils, pipet, 2 clamshell soap molds, kaolin clay, pumice powder, soybean oil, lotion base and zinc oxide. These ingredients and recipes will make your own toxic-free sunblock, bug repellant, gardener?s clean up soap and poison ivy soap for you to fully enjoy your garden and outdoor adventures safely. A thoughtful gift for the hardworking gardeners in your life! Learn More

  11. Reed Stick Diffuser Base


    4 oz. This base is easy to use, just add 25-30 drops of an essential oil of your choice per 1 oz of base and pour the whole thing into a glass jar and add the reed sticks. Learn More



    This drawstring top bag is great for putting your soap (or soap bits in when they get too small to use). It is made out of natural sisal and cotton and measures 5" x 4.25". Makes a great exfoliator for your skin. Learn More

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