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Health and Wellness

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    Save a bundle by making your very own yogurt. This yogurt maker prepares all-natural creamy yogurt with minimal ingredients. You may use whole milk, 1%, lowfat milk or even soymilk if you prefer, and a small amount of any plain base yogurt for cultures. It prepares yogurt in 6-10 hours depending on the thickness desired with marker on the lid indicating the time when the yogurt will be finished. It comes with an on and off switch and light indicating the unit is working. This attractive unit has a clear lid to allow viewing of the cooking process and seven 6 ounce individual glass jars allowing you to make up to 42 ounces of different types of yogurt at once. You control the sweetness and taste desired by using sugar, stevia, jams, syrups and fruit of your choice. Definitely a healthier alternative than those store bought, sugar laden ones. The plastic lids provide air tight storage in the refrigerator and are dishwasher safe. Learn More



    by Deb Koffman. A funky little book of colorful cartoons that aim to get you unstuck in creative projects, jobs, relationships and life. A humorous, encouraging gift of support. Hardcover 109pp Pub at $9.95 Learn More

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  3. The Perfect Pickler

    The Perfect Pickler

    Make pickles in just days right on your counter-top with no cooking required and without the use of heavy crocks. This quick brine method is simply done by adding Celtic sea salt (provided) and water to any wide mouth canning jar and adding raw vegetables of your choice to transform into tasty nutritious pickles. Try sauerkraut, dill pickles, pickled eggs, beets, peppers, string beans and more. This fermentation kid includes: a unique fermentation air-lock that allows gases to escape through the special lid that seals out airborne microbes, a gasket ring that seals the lid to pressurize, a floating brine cup to collect brine over-flow and exhaust gas, 1/4 lb. of superior Celtic Sea Salt and many recipes. Learn More

  4. Naturally Clean Home


    By Karyn Siegel-Maier. -new edition- When you clean your home with standard cleansers, the dirt and germs may be gone, but what's left? Studies are beginning to attribute numerous health problems to exposure to chemical-based cleansing products. Try these 150 all-natural, easy to prepare homemade cleansers and you'll wonder why you ever used anything else. Siegel-Maier's cleaning formulas are very simple to concoct and are comprised of benign materials such as baking soda, vinegar, beeswax, borax, castile soap, glycerin and essential oils and herbs that are natural degreasers, and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. A handy chart displays cleaning properties of specific herbs. There are dish liquids, sink, floor and appliance cleaners, pest control mixes, laundry soaps, natural stain removers, formulas for wood care, walls, carpeting, metals and air fresheners. Cleaning will be so refreshing the whole family will pitch in! Softcover 224 pp Learn More



    Our economical sprouting lid still continues to be our best seller for health conscious individuals. The durable, food-grade plastic lid has mesh holes to rinse and drain the most common sprouting seeds such as: alfalfa, cabbage, and radish, etc. It fits any standard wide-mouth canning jar and is dishwasher safe. Learn More

  6. Sprouting for Health Gift Set


    Sprouting is an great way to add nutrition to everyday dishes. It's easy with this 4 Tray Seed Sprouter (H758) which contains 4 simple to use reusable plastic sprouting trays. This gift set contains: Kitchen sprouter with organic alfalfa seeds and instructions, 10 packages of other sprouts: lentils, mung beans, chinese radish, sprouting onions, broccoli, clover, Fenugreek, wheat, sprouting kale and munching sprouts mix. Learn More

  7. Soapy Love


    By Debbie Chialtas. This book is great fun and gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment as well as ending up with some terrific soap! It shows you how to turn melt-and-pour glycerin into stylish and amazingly unique fun soaps. Debbie has twenty-five projects with bright colors, amazing designs and delicious scents. She shows simple techniques to make plaid patterns, soap-sicles, cameos’ and even jelly donut soaps. After learning about her layering, cut-outs and creative molds, you will feel confident and inspired to try your own new designs and amaze all your friends. Softcover 128pp pub at $19.99 Learn More

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    By Rebecca Ittner. Here is a great book with 45 melt-and-pour glycerin soap recipes using herbs, flowers and essential oils. With just a few materials from your kitchen and basic melt-and-pour soap bases, you can create these fun and easy soaps. In just a couple of hours you will have wonderful soaps that look, smell and feel great. Natural additives give color and texture and infuse melt-and-pour soaps with the ability to exfoliate, soothe and moisturize. Rebecca has photos showing her unique soaps and ends her book with some special finishes to present your soaps either for yourself or to give as gifts. Softcover 128pp Learn More

  9. Smoothie Express

    Smoothie Express

    Make healthy, delicious smoothies to go! This blender doubles as an insulated travel mug with a spill-proof lid that conveniently fits most vehicle cup holders. The generous 26-ounce mug will hold more than conventional small personal blenders and comes with comfort grip handle. The powerful 400 watt motor has sharp ice-chopping blades, to handle several ice cubes and blend an amazing amount of fruit or vegetables without over spilling. The compact design allows for space-saving storage, dishwasher safe and recipes included. Measures: 5" w. x 5 1/2" d. x 14" h. Learn More

  10. Simple Soap Starter Kit


    This will have you making pretty fancy soaps in no time! It contains: Soapy Love? guide by Debbie Chialtas, white glycerin soap base, pipet, pearberry and gardenia fragrant oils, six different color nuggets, 2 soapmolds: good garden bugs and /natural handmade, recipes, and a nylon bath puff.

    Learn More



    This natural, ramie and cotton pad has a wide elastic band on back for a comfortable fit and will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. It is 7”wide by 5” high. Learn More

  12. Sachet Bags Summer Flowers

    Sachet Bags Summer Flowers

    100% linen bags with crocheted edge, ribbon tie and colorful printed design. 4" x 6" each, perfect to hold a bar of soap or dried herbs. Learn More

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