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  1. Growing and Using Stevia


    by Jeffery Goettemoeller and Karen Lucke. Stevia is natures sugar substitute - 200 times sweeter than sugar, non glycemic, has no calories, and does not cause cavities. We've been getting lots of calls about stevia - it's a little tricky to grow. But the most common query is "how do you use it?" well, this handy little guide answers those questions and more in a clear, straight-to-the-point manner. It explains how to propagate the plant from seeds or cuttings, outdoor and indoor culture, care, pruning, and overwintering. Discusses the proper time to harvest leaves and how to dry them. Explains two methods of processing the leaves, making a liquid extract (for sweetening drinks) or green stevia powder (for cooking). There are also 20 recipes at the end for using your home grown stevia. More recipes using green stevia powder can be found in L280 Stevia Sweet Recipes. Spiral bound 49pp. Learn More

  2. Healthy Teas


    By Tammy Safi. This is a wonderfully informative book by Tammy Safi, a fully qualified herbalist, who gives us history, benefits, methods of brewing, using and making your own tea. She tells us about traditional teas as well as fruit, exotic floral blends and teas from your garden. This is a beautiful book with full color photos that will help you understand the healing qualities of the many varieties of teas. With an easy to follow tea chart and an ailments and ingredients index. This is the perfect book to boost your immunity, soothe a sore throat, aid digestion, or to simply help you relax with an aromatic drink! Hardcover 112pp Learn More



    Sprout grains and beans without a jar! This bag is made from natural, chemical-free, untreated hemp with a small amount of linen fibers that make it a durable fabric that should last for years. This unique combination of fibers allows good air circulation with 100% drainage so that water never collects at the bottom. When mature, store the sprouts in the refrigerator in the bag. Rinse every 2 or 3 days and sprouts will keep 7 to 14 days. The bag also has high oil content, making them resistant to mold and mildew. The hemp sprout bag is best for sprouting larger grains and beans including: green pea, mung, adzuki, sprouting wheat, rye, barley, soy, peanut, garbanzo, fenugreek, chia, and shelled sunflower. Convenient and easy to use, just dip in water, hang on hook or knob, or lay in dish rack and it's ready in only 4 to 5 days. Size is 7" x 10" and grows a generous 1 to 2 pounds of beans, the equivalent of a 3/4 gallon jar. Learn More



    This 5 piece canning kit gives you all of the essential tools you need for canning. This kit contains a canning funnel, for both wide mouth and regular size jars, a magnetic lid catcher that safely removes canning lids from hot water and for easy placement on jars, a cushion coated jar lifter that safely removes hot jars from canner, a jar wrench that grips any size screw-on caps making removal easy and a pair of vinyl coated grip handled kitchen tongs to use for a number of canning and cooking purposes. Learn More

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  5. Cheese Making


    By Ricki Carroll with illustrations by Elayne Sears. Ricki Carroll mastered the fine art of cheesmaking in England then opened her own New England cheese making suply company in Ashfield, Massachusetts. This third edition, formally Cheese Making Made Easy has 25% more recipes than the previous editions and covers everything the beginner cheese maker needs to know about making delicious cheese on the first try with information on ingredients, equipment, techniques, and even marketing. Ricki includes cheese recipes for soft, hard, Italian, whey, mold-ripened, goats milk and other dairy products. She gives recipes for a soft Swiss style cream cheese, hard farmhouse cheddar and an Italian romano. With these recipes and more, she also gives you over 60 recipes for cooking with cheese and tips from cheesemakers. Softcover 278pp Learn More

  6. Homemade Rootbeer Soda and Pop


    By Stephen Cresswell. This book gives you easy to follow instructions for more than 60 traditional and modern soft drink recipes, Ginger Beer - one of my favorites, Cherry Vanilla Soda, Raspberry Shrub or Caf? Brulot. Now you can make tastier, healthier and cheaper drinks than anything you will find in stores. Stephen does give you reliable information on equipment and ingredients as well as a great variety of drinks - both alcoholic and non alcoholic - that can be enjoyed right off or bottled for later. Softcover 122pp Learn More

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    This is the handiest sprouting device we've seen. The design allows quick and thorough rinsing with improved air circulation which is important for healthy sprouts. Two varieties of seed can be sprouted at once in the stackable hard plastic trays. Stores conveniently at 8" x 8" x 2 1/2". Drip tray, lid and instructions and tips included. Learn More

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  8. Make a Mix

    MAKE A MIX *sold out*

    By Karine Eliason, Nevada Harward & Madeline Westover. We see commercial mixes all the time in the grocery stores and have a few tucked in our pantry. They are advertised as time-savers, but with the rising labor and packaging costs they are not money-savers. By making your own mixes ahead of time you can have just the amount you need, and can also make many recipes from just a few basic master mixes. Includes mixes for breads, main dishes, appetizers, side dishes, desserts and beverages. By putting a little time aside you can always have something on hand and serve your family wonderful meals without a hefty price tag. With the three types of master mixes; dry, semi-dry and freezer-refrigerator mixes you can offer a different menu every day of the year with a minimum of preparation time. Softcover 332pp Learn More

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  9. Making Herb Vinegars

    Making Herb Vinegars

    How to make great tasting gourmet herb and fruit vinegars. Includes 55 recipes and lots of uses. Learn More

  10. Spicy


    by Michelle Cranston. The name says it all - spicy! Marie Claire’s modern and fresh approach uses ginger, herbs, saffron, leeks, chili peppers, and of course garlic to bring out savory taste sensations with a truly global appeal. A cookbook that will give you some exotic dishes that are easy to make and will wow your friends and family. This has recipes for tasty dips, salads, main dishes, drinks and desserts. Lots of Southern and Central American inspired recipes as well as great Indian dishes! Much more than hot peppers and it covers appetizers, entrees, sides, even desserts. Try the tamarind duck salad, chipotle chicken, crab tartlets or sticky date pudding! Soft cover 400pp Pub at $14.95 Learn More

  11. Microgreens


    By Eric Franks and Jasmine Richardson. This expanding style of gardening has become very popular and demand has increased our own seed section of microgreens. Eric and Jasmine were first introduced to microgreens while staying at Elliot Colemans 4 Season Farm in Harbourside, Maine. After they left, they traveled to coastal California to start their own farm. Land was hard to find so they started with a small mountainside place growing microgreens for local restaurants. In this book they share with you how to plant, grow and harvest the most nutrient dense greens available. You will find that they can be easily grown in pots or trays on your porch, patio, deck, balcony or windowsill and enjoyed with recipes from some of Californias Big Sur chefs. Softcover 192 pp Learn More

  12. Mustard Kit

    Mustard Kit

    There is nothing like fresh, homemade condiments. This kit provides a Heavy Glass Jar with Cork Top and Wooden Spoon, Yellow and Brown Mustard Powders, Garlic Granules and Tumeric Powder to make a mustard right away and three types of mustard seeds to grow for your next batch. Comes in a green jute drawstring bag with three different mustard recipes; a Ballpark style, Organic Brown Dijon, and Basic Yellow. Learn More

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