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  1. Travel Kit


    This clear vinal bag contains 24 clear labels and nine bottles: ½ oz. tube bottle, 1oz. blue cylinder bottle with black pump top, 2 -1oz. cylinders with flip-tops, 2oz. hinged top vial, ½ oz. jar with white cap, 30cc powder bottle, 2oz. blue round bottle with black press-top and 2oz. oval bottle with flip-top. Learn More

  2. The Big Fat Tomato Game

    The Big Fat Tomato Game

    We knew this game was ripe for the picking from the moment we opened the prototype and saw the little fuzzy “tomatoes” that came inside. Between the whimsical array of tomato-themed cards and the hilarious artwork, you’ll never think of tomato farming the same way again! Hopefully this will become a new kind of family heirloom. By the way, it shouldn’t surprise you that the game’s creator, Casey Grove, is actually a farmer! Learn More

  3. Squeaky Clean Soap Making Kit


    Even though all our melt and pour glycerin kits are quick and easy, here is one for someone who does not have much time but still wants to be spoiled with a nice refreshing homemade soap! This kit makes soaps that will cleanse oily skin, help heal damaged skin and has a Remie soap bag to hold your soap or soap pieces while gently exfoliating your skin. This kit contains: 2 lb bar of Cleansing Glycerin, Uplift/Invigorate mold, Remie Soap Sack, Pipet, Rosehip Powder, Slipper elm Powder, Rose Fragrant Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Directions and recipes. Learn More

  4. Sprouting for Health Gift Set


    Sprouting is an great way to add nutrition to everyday dishes. It's easy with this 4 Tray Seed Sprouter (H758) which contains 4 simple to use reusable plastic sprouting trays. This gift set contains: Kitchen sprouter with organic alfalfa seeds and instructions, 10 packages of other sprouts: lentils, mung beans, chinese radish, sprouting onions, broccoli, clover, Fenugreek, wheat, sprouting kale and munching sprouts mix. Learn More

  5. Simple Soap Starter Kit


    This will have you making pretty fancy soaps in no time! It contains: Soapy Love? guide by Debbie Chialtas, white glycerin soap base, pipet, pearberry and gardenia fragrant oils, six different color nuggets, 2 soapmolds: good garden bugs and /natural handmade, recipes, and a nylon bath puff.

    Learn More

  6. Pedi-Care Gift Set


    Now you can pamper your feet at home! Treat yourself to a healing foot balm and clean up with these adorable foot soaps in a cute flip-flop sandal mold.

    This kit contains: pumice foot brush with an easy to use handle, Sandal soap mold, glycerin soap base, 6 different color nuggets, peppermint and tea tree essential oils, pipet, foot balm, the Country Wisdom Bulletin "Herbal Treatments For Healthy Feet", recipes, and a vinyl drawstring bag to put them in.

    Learn More

  7. Outdoor Survival Kit


    What every gardener or outdoor adventurer needs to survive! This contains: a Tick remover kit, with tick identification guide, tweezers, bandaids and educational pamphlet all included in a 4? x 5? zippered nylon pouch, cooling neck or head wrap (or bandana), oatmeal glycerin, orange, tea tree and citronella essential oils, pipet, 2 clamshell soap molds, kaolin clay, pumice powder, soybean oil, lotion base and zinc oxide. These ingredients and recipes will make your own toxic-free sunblock, bug repellant, gardener?s clean up soap and poison ivy soap for you to fully enjoy your garden and outdoor adventures safely. A thoughtful gift for the hardworking gardeners in your life! Learn More

  8. Mustard Kit

    Mustard Kit

    There is nothing like fresh, homemade condiments. This kit provides a Heavy Glass Jar with Cork Top and Wooden Spoon, Yellow and Brown Mustard Powders, Garlic Granules and Tumeric Powder to make a mustard right away and three types of mustard seeds to grow for your next batch. Comes in a green jute drawstring bag with three different mustard recipes; a Ballpark style, Organic Brown Dijon, and Basic Yellow. Learn More

  9. Manure Medley Gift Set


    Casting about for that perfect gift? What'cha guano get the gardener who has everything? Doo consider our exclusive gift set that contains 3 highly effective and concentrated manures. The set contains 4 lbs of wormcastings, a 1 lb bag of desert bat guano, and 2 lbs of fossilized sea bird guano and a bar of gardeners soap. All are tastefully wrapped up and come in our attractive, sturdy 1 1/2 gallon canvas bucket. Learn More

  10. Papermaking Kit


    A popular children's project! Make paper, valentines, gift tags, ornaments, envelopes and even "seed paper" that you can make, plant and watch flowers grow! Makes round paper and shapes up to 5.5" across using 2 recycled tin cans, waste paper and cookie cutters. This kit contains: paper making screen, support screen, cover screen, sponge, press bar (made from recycled milk cartons), reusable "couch" sheets for pressing and drying, envelope pattern and instructions. Learn More



    This 5 piece canning kit gives you all of the essential tools you need for canning. This kit contains a canning funnel, for both wide mouth and regular size jars, a magnetic lid catcher that safely removes canning lids from hot water and for easy placement on jars, a cushion coated jar lifter that safely removes hot jars from canner, a jar wrench that grips any size screw-on caps making removal easy and a pair of vinyl coated grip handled kitchen tongs to use for a number of canning and cooking purposes. Learn More

    Regular Price: $21.95

    Special Price: $14.95

  12. Gathering a Garden Game


    Illustrated by Melissa Sweet. An eco-friendly board game. Be the first player to fill your garden with good growing things and get back home. You collect items from the five shopkeeper areas - fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers and birds - to place in your garden. Helps develop patience and number skills. Made with 75% recycled materials, no plastics, and soy-based inks with tokens and four stand-up playing pieces of Melissa's charming cartoons. The board opens to 18" x 18" and a cotton bag in included for easy storage. 2-4 players. Ages 5+. Pub at $18.95. Learn More

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