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  1. Fruit


    by Kathryn Hawkins. For fresh, juicy, bright and savory recipes-both sweet and main dishes-this is the book for you. It has tips on choosing, storing, preparing and easy to follow recipes full of new and delicious combinations with ideas that will perk up your taste buds or be the envy of any gathering – like Mango and Lamb Brochettes, Smoked Chicken and Pear Salad, Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble or a Trio of Sorbets. It includes recipes for desserts, breads, salads, drinks, relishes, preserves, sauces and accompaniments for over 80 recipes. Spiral bound 176pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

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  2. Ordinary Miracles


    This creative and beautifully illustrated manuscript catalogues the A-Z wonders growing right outside your door. His floral alphabet will be enjoyed by all ages for its art, clever simplicity, and obvious appreciation for the abundant beauty of the flowers and fauna detailed here. The artists hand-drawn, full color, and pen and ink drawings burst with fine detail and whimsy, sharing his garden of miracles with all of us. A lovely gift for the young, or the young at heart, gardeners. Hardcover 62 pp Learn More

  3. Garden Photography


    A fine manual to improve your gardening photography techniques. Deals with equipment, shadows, light and particularly professional techniques of composition. Learn More

  4. Gardening for Wildlife


    by Bill Merilees. When this book came out over 10 years ago it helped nature enthusiasts create a garden that welcomed butterflies, birds, chipmunks and more. Now, back by popular demand, it has been revised and updates along with new photos and a color insert. Also included are black and white photos as well as interesting side bars. Not only can bird watching be an enjoyable pastime, but birds and other small wildlife can help in our gardens. This book gives advice on the best placement of plants, birdhouses and baths, recipes for birdfood mixes, tips for apartment dwellers, diagrams for simple structures, and caring for sick and injured animals. By understanding our wild neighbors we can also better plan in protecting our gardens and enjoying them more. Soft cover 182 Pub at $14.95 Learn More

  5. Gardening in your Greenhouse


    By Mark Freeman. Freeman provides all the necessary information for using a greenhouse. First, he reviews greenhouse equipment, with great advice on inexpensive ways to come up with needed items. He discusses soils, water, ventilation, heating and lighting for home greenhouse users who probably don't want to spend a lot of money. In a Pest and Disease chapter, he emphasizes cleanliness and prevention and avoiding the use of chemicals. He devotes extensive space to starting plants for transplanting outdoors and on growing houseplants in the greenhouse. A shorter section offers a realistic look at what vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers can successfully be grown in simple greenhouses. A great resource for home greenhouse growers who want success without too much fuss. Softcover 200 pp Learn More

  6. Gardening Projects for Kids


    101 ways to get kids outside, dirty and having fun. By Whitney Cohen and John Fisher Both Whitney and John draw on years of experience working at the Life Lab Garden Classroom and gardening with their own children. Here they teach parents how to integrate the garden into family life whatever the size, with practical advice on kid friendly gardens, ideas for fun filled theme gardens, garden activities and how to cook and preserve the garden?s bounty. Kids can be great helpers while learning to enjoy good food and the accomplishment of knowing they did it themselves. Softcover 256 pp Learn More

  7. Gathering


    By Diane Ott Whealy. The daughter of Iowa farmers, Diane never anticipated becoming a leader of a grass-roots movement to preserve the heritage of heirloom seeds. She takes you on her journey from a small homesteader with seeds inherited from her grandfather to the development of Heritage Farm, the 890-acre scenic headquarters of Seed Savers Exchange. This non-profit seed saving organization began with a simple exchange of seeds between passionate gardeners who wanted to preserve the rich cultural heritage their ancestors had brought to this country. Today, with over 9,000 members of gardeners, orchardist, chefs and plant collectors all dedicated to the preservation and distribution of heirloom varieties, it is the largest non-governmental seed bank in the United States. Hardcover 256 pp Learn More

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  8. Get Fresh


    Describes flavor, health benefits, and directions for preparing 36 fruits and 47 vegetables. Softcover 260 pp pub. at $16.95 Learn More

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  9. Ginseng


    by David A. Taylor. Ginseng, now making its appearance in softdrinks (where its health benefits should be remarkable), has had a long, colorful history. And its future looks just as interesting. David Taylor explores both in his intriguing book. Ginseng is native to 2 countries, China and North America and Taylor traveled extensively in each to learn about Ginseng. His profiles of the characters he meets are wonderful - Chinese dealers, New York traders, and modern day 'Gensingers' - wild 'sang' hunters and 'simulated wild' growers. He compares ginsengs uses in Eastern and Western medicine and looks at past and present research into ginsengs medicinal effect. He also shows the seamier side of ginseng - behavior induced throughout Asian, European and American history - by its high value. A fascinating look at the side effects of ginsengs magical promise of good health, longevity, and wealth. Hardcover 308pp Pub at $23.95 Learn More

  10. Gourd Art

    GOURD ART**sold out**

    by David MacFarlane. David gives an introduction and basic how-to of gourd carving and then shows us 24 beautiful projects done by very talented artists with a write-up on each of them. The gourds are as varied as the imagination can make them. Each artist lists the materials used and how they did them with wonderful photos describing each step. These are not just a variety of bowls or vessels, but a pendant, lamp, even a quilt. Soft cover 144pp. Learn More

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  11. Gourd Pyrography


    By Jim Widess. Pyrography is the art of using heat to draw, carve or scorch designs. It is perfect for enhancing a gourds natural beauty and turning it into an elegant decorative piece. In the appendix, 90 different pen tips (with sources) are featured! Directions discuss gourd preparation and pyroengraving tools and techniques. Then, four artists walk you through 11 projects, step by step. After this, a gallery features 50 artists, their gourd art, and their secrets for achieving their effects. A final section showcases gourd jewelry. Softcover 143pp Learn More

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  12. Gourds and Fiber


    Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More. By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Throughout history, gourds have been used for functional and beautiful embellishments of art. In this unique book, two leading experts in gourd crafting, Ginger Summit and Jim Widess, take you through 30 beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions for coiling, plaiting, stitching and knotting everything from pine needles to leather beads. The authors? instructions on choosing and preparing gourds will give you a solid introduction to the basics so that you can start embellishing with ease. A wealth of photos showing the steps and the finished project will inspire your own creative process. Softcover 144pp Learn More

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