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  1. 10 Most Popular Herbs


    Jim Long recently conducted a survey among growers on the 10 best selling herbs. The results had changed since his last survey in 1995 - the top 10 now are (in order): basil, lavender, parsley, mint, rosemary, oregano/marjoram, thyme, sage, chives, and cilantro. Here he offers directions for their successful cultivation and a few unique culinary recipes for each. Softcover 36pp Learn More

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  2. Things to do With Zucchini


    by Cyndi Duncan and Georgie Patrick. This small book wont take up much space on your shelf, but it will greatly expand your zucchini repertoire. Its 101 recipes provide a wide variety of zucchini dishes. In addition to saut?s, breads, muffins, and cakes, there are creative soups, salads, pickles, relishes, chutneys, sides, and main dishes. Carrot Zucchini Soup, Vegetable Jambalaya, Skillet Zucchini Au Gratin, Balsamic Zucchini Spaghetti, and Zucchini Mozzarella Crepes are just a few that caught our eye. There are new twists for sneaking zucchini in desserts, such as Praline Pecan Zucchini Cake and Zucchini Granola Cookies. You'll be all set for next years deluge. Spiral bound 121 pp. Learn More

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  3. Cook Rice Beans and Grains


    By Andrea Chesman. Andrea has given us great books in the past and now she has come up with another! She did this one because she found herself in conversations at parties and with friends about beans and grains and how everyone wants to cook them more often but cannot find good recipes. This cookbook has all the background information you could need on rice, beans and grains with the different types, cooking, buying, and storing. Also gives easy-to-follow, healthy and flavorful recipes with nutritional information included with each. Shows you how to use these as a side dish or extend into a main entree. Some wonderful examples to try: Barley-Vegetable Salad with Orange-Buttermilk Dressing; Tomato, White Bean and Arugula Salad with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette; Spanakorizzo; White Bean and Fennel Linguine; Vegetarian Hoppin? John or Slow-Cooked Red Beans and Rice. Or go for the gold and make Triple A Oatmeal Cookies! Softcover 466pp Learn More

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  4. Greatest Vegetarian Recipes


    A Cook?s Guide to the Sensational World of Vegetarian Cooking. Edited by Valerie Ferguson. With over 550 color illustrations, 500 recipes, professional advice and guidance on techniques, this book is full of clear and simple instructions that will be an inspiring resource for every cook. It?s one of those cookbooks that you can always go to for traditional or the unusual and exotic for serving up anything from a patio buffet to extended meals or parties. It has recipes for every occasion, mouth-watering meals that only take minutes for midweek or dinner-party dishes that will impress your family and friends. This book is also great for its focus on using fresh, seasonal produce. There are recipes for every taste from mild and creamy dips to fiery hot Chilli Cheese Tortilla with Salsa. This is a great cookbook for making your own fresh Hummus, Cheese and Pesto Pasties, Tomato Breadsticks or Spring Vegetable Omelet and many more delicious recipes that will help you serve your own wonderful vegetables you have grown or bought from your local market. Hardcover 265pp Learn More

  5. Waves of Grain


    by Barbara Grunes and Virginia Van Vynckt. Here is a book that introduces you how to buy, store, sprout, grind and cook every imaginable grain. Most refined grains are robbed of their nutrients, fiber and trace minerals which help our bodies digest and utilize all the good parts of the whole grains. With more than 150 recipes for grains both single and in creative combinations, and charts on nutrition and how to prepare and cook all these grains. It has also been thoroughly researched for questions like, how did the Iroquois and Hopi use corn? What are all those different rice varieties on the market, and what’s the best way to cook them? What can you do with millet? A very helpful addition to your healthy cooking collection. Hardcover 314pp. Pub at $25.00 Learn More

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    by Nel Bartholomew. One of the most popular garden books of all time, Square Foot Gardening is now available in a new edition 24 years after its initial publication in 1981. This book is a great way to start gardening or refine your gardening methods. Essentially it asks you to 'think inside the box' and create very compact 4' x 4' raised beds to eliminate 80% of your garden area and chores. It also helps you to rethink how to plan your garden and how often to plant your crops. Bartholomew has preached his gospel to city and 3rd world dwellers to allow almost anyone a basic garden that produces significant food at low cost. In this new edition, Bartholomew has streamlined methods that are easier to implement and is better illustrated. He has changed his methods in relation to soil, location, planting, grids, and seeds. Square Foot Gardening is an invaluable book that will leave a lasting impact on your gardening methods. Softcover 272pp Learn More

  7. American Grown


    The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. By Michelle Obama Every president finds some way to leave a legacy at the White House, whether exotic trees and flowers or a grazing sheep on the South lawn. While there have been many gardens, not since Eleanor Roosevelt has anyone grown food on the White House lawn. First Lady Michelle Obama, a passionate spokesperson in the fight against poor nutrition and obesity related illness, has created a thriving vegetable garden during her time there. She has combined a love of healthy living and a desire to work with children and communities to create the kitchen garden beautifully pictured throughout this engaging book. Community volunteers, White House chefs, elementary school children and master gardeners came together to create this project, which is chronicled from conception to harvest. Proceeds from the book go to the National Parks Foundation to be used for promotion of gardening and healthy eating. Hardcover 272 pp Learn More

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    Ed by Joe Richardson. A small book (4" X 6") that covers the broad spectrum of aromatherapy options. It introduces aromatherapy principles, means of dispersing scent, and portraits of the 30 most useful essential oils. There are recipes for using the oils in massage oils, soaps, bath products, body creams, potpourris, candles, sachets and other mood enhancing products. There is an extensive section on aromatherapy massage for the back, neck, face, and feet with excellent photos demonstrating each technique. Gardening for fragrance and aromatic edibles are also included. Lovely color photos and charming watercolors illustrate. Softcover 395pp PUB at $7.98 Learn More

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    These sturdy plastic molds are strong enough to make at least 25 stepping stones with careful handling. Simply grease the molds and fill with a basic mortar mix or cement that you can find at your local hardware store. Paints and coloring can be added to customize your stones or you can leave them in their natural concrete color. Sixty pounds of mortar mix usually makes approximately 5 stones and takes only 24 hours to set. Complete instructions are included with each mold. The classic Aztec sun design, 12" in diameter. Learn More

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  10. Baby Powder Fragrant Oil
  11. Birding for Kids


    by Fran Lee. Here's another book to entice kids into appreciating natures wonders - in this case, birds. Full of colorful drawings, this book is written for kids to read (ages 7-12). It explains how to watch and identify birds, and offers birding activities, treating each aspect as an adventure. Highlights the most easily found city, woodland, country, wetland and seashore birds. Projects include simple bird feeders, nesting boxes, houses, bird baths and drippers to make. Or, the budding birder can plant a bird sunflower garden, start a bird watching club, make a bird watching notebook, or sketch book. Great gift idea - combine this book with a sketch book, sunflower seeds or other supplies. Softcover 63pp Learn More

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  12. Backyard Market Gardening


    : The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow By Andre Le A severe case of GEES, Gardener's Equipment Excitement Syndrome, is what induced Andrew Lee to begin marketing his backyard produce. He just had to get that new tiller! In his first year, he grossed $1,700 (enough for the tiller). Five years later, he had refined his gardens and especially his marketing techniques and was able to take in $36,000 from his one-acre garden. "Fix the soil and get close to your customers", is Lee's foremost advice. At the start of the book, he pays his due homage to the benefits of good, organic soil. There's also how-to advice on tools, season-extenders, and other trade secrets. The real meat of this book is the marketing and business section--over 200 pages--the most complete treatment I've seen. He covers a wide array of marketing possibilities from the front yard card table to producer co-ops, community supported farms, direct sales to restaurants and farm stands--even door to door delivery. There are many articles in here by other market gardeners recounting their unique experiences and sharing successful ideas. It's obvious Andrew Lee has a sincere desire to help other market gardeners get started and he's done a terrific job with this book. Softcover 346 pp Learn More

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