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Natural Health

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  1. Feng Shui


    by Howard Choy Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonious placement meant to create balance between people and their environment. By following the principles of Feng Shui, people can bring this balance to their homes and gardens. Feng Shui can be complicated, but this book simplifies the concepts and touches on the basic remedies. In laying out a home or garden, one should look for a positive energy flow or "qi". The book describes good home layout and placement of rooms, doors, and furniture. If you can't change your basic layout, then it discusses simple remedies such as moving furniture, changing colors, adding movable partitions or plants to change the qi flow, and hanging wind chimes or mirrors. Outside, an appealing, simple and natural garden attracts nourishing qi to the home. Feng Shui is good design and makes good sense. Hardcover 79 pp Pub. at $12.95 Learn More

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  2. Guilt Free Dog Owners Guide


    By Diana Delmar This is an excellent guide for all aspects of owning a dog. She shows you how to select the best dog suited to your personality, schedule and living space, how to puppy proof your home, indoor and outdoor housebreaking tricks, professional training versus training yourself, sitters and kennels, and keeping your neighbors friendly. A helpful guide to enjoying a great companion without the stress and worry. Softcover 180pp Pub at $10.95 Learn More

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  3. Healthy Child Healthy World


    by Christopher Gavigan forward by Meryl Streep. This book offers a guide to creating a healthy, nontoxic and environmentally sound home. "Childhood cancer is up 25% in the last generation, and asthma has surged - more than 6 million children now suffer from it. While these troubling increases can't wholly be attributed to environmental poisons, there are measures we can all take to reduce risk" - from the forward by Meryl Streep. This and contributions by Gweneth Paltrow, Brook Shields, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Toby McGuire and Kate Hudson shows how concerned we are as a nation about our children. From the beginning we can make changes; preparing for baby, cleaning with safer suds, choosing, eating and storing healthier food, natural body care, safer toys and clothing for our children, greener gardens, yards and outdoor spaces, clean air and water, raising a green pet, and healthy home improvement. Each chapter has helpful tips, web-sites to check out, and safe substitutions so we can make ourselves, our homes and lifestyles much better ones. Soft cover 321pp. Learn More

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  4. Keeping Fitness Simple


    By Porter Shimer 500 tips for fitting exercise into your life. The focus is different ways to fit more exercise into a busy life even if you don't have hours to go to the gym or jog, or bike. This new approach to fitness deals with what to do in the morning, activities you can fit into your workday, or evening activities, combining fitness and fun with your family, activities when traveling, sports, and diet. The appendix includes 20 pages of exercises, some are familiar but others are very innovative. Softcover 172 pp Pub. at $9.95 Learn More

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    by Svetlana Konnikova MA, AN. Many traditional medicines were based on plant use, the knowledge of which was passed down through the generations. Much of that has been lost, which is why books like this are so valuable. Svetlana Konnikova began documenting the herbal wisdom of her Russian heritage when she was 12. She came from a long line of old healers and her mother was a doctor with an interest in natural healing. Her book is wonderful for those interested in a natural approach to health. There are numerous safe and easy-to-make remedies for the following conditions: common colds (89 recipes), allergies (61), children's allergies (40), headaches (70), sleep (63), fatigue (19), stress (10), and asthma (51). Remedies use over 100 medicinal herbs, vegetables and other plants and are in the form of teas, 'nastoykas' (infusions), tinctures, juices, compresses, and just plain good advice. In addition, Konnikova spices up the text with personal antidotes and Russian folktales. Softcover 312pp. Learn More

  6. Success With Herbs


    by Yvonne Cuthbertson. Yvonne's love of herbs helps us expand our garden with beautiful flowered plants that can be cultivated for meals and their invigorating scents. She includes color photos and information to help you with growing herbs outdoors and indoors, buying, harvesting and preserving them. While many herb gardens are informal in design - usually because many herbs fail to know their proper limits - Yvonne gives us a few formal designs to try with a checkerboard, classic know garden, herb wheel and ladder with plant suggestions for each. My favorite time is in the fall when I harvest my herbs and hang the gathered bunches in my kitchen to dry. The whole house comes alive with their wonderful scents. Soft cover 160pp Learn More

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    By Karyn Siegel-Maier. -new edition- When you clean your home with standard cleansers, the dirt and germs may be gone, but what's left? Studies are beginning to attribute numerous health problems to exposure to chemical-based cleansing products. Try these 150 all-natural, easy to prepare homemade cleansers and you'll wonder why you ever used anything else. Siegel-Maier's cleaning formulas are very simple to concoct and are comprised of benign materials such as baking soda, vinegar, beeswax, borax, castile soap, glycerin and essential oils and herbs that are natural degreasers, and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. A handy chart displays cleaning properties of specific herbs. There are dish liquids, sink, floor and appliance cleaners, pest control mixes, laundry soaps, natural stain removers, formulas for wood care, walls, carpeting, metals and air fresheners. Cleaning will be so refreshing the whole family will pitch in! Softcover 224 pp Learn More



    by Deb Koffman. A funky little book of colorful cartoons that aim to get you unstuck in creative projects, jobs, relationships and life. A humorous, encouraging gift of support. Hardcover 109pp Pub at $9.95 Learn More

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    by Barbara Pleasant. Welcomes you to the wonderful world of herbs. Whether used as medicines, food flavorings, preservatives or in religious rituals, herbs have been in our history from the earliest times. Starting with herbs, health and happiness, Barbara takes you through herbs for health, in your kitchen, around the house and in the garden. She provides information on 55 essential herbs and shows how they are used for medicinal, culinary, aromatic and ornamental purposes. One of the things I like best is to go out into my garden and pick some herbs to add to salads or meals. You can't beat the freshness of that! You will add new zing to your veggies with simple herb butters or flavored vinegars and oils. Soft cover 246pp Learn More

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