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  1. Surban Safari


    by Hannah Holmes. Science writer Holmes has traveled the world for her nature articles. However, for one year, she decided to stay put and concentrate on the nature world of her 2/10 acre, organic yard in South Portland, Maine. You may think a book on that subject would be pretty dull. It's not. It's funny, entertaining, and enlightening. And there is a lot going on, with more inhabitants than you would ever guess. There are myriad insects, above and below ground, birds, a cheeky chipmunk, squirrels, woodchucks, skunks and more. Holmes investigates her plant life as well, learning about fungi, the numerous useful herbs in her organic "freedom lawn", shrubs, flowers, trees, and all who feed on them. Once you've read this, you'll see your yard in a whole new light! Softcover 262pp. Pub at $14.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price: $4.98

  2. The 64 Dollar Tomato


    by William Alexander. Brooklyn-born Alexander transplants himself to an old house on 3 acres in Winchester County, NY. There he lives out his gardening fantasies that range from orchards, organic husbandry, canning, and heirloom vegetables. These bring him up against what all gardeners know - that nature's challenges make every year a new adventure. He tells his garden woes with great humor and lots of sarcasm. You'll laugh as you read each chapters hurdle. You also will not feel to sorry for him as he had seemingly endless monetary resources for his garden. You see what a mess the "poor little rich gardener" gets himself into and how much money he throws at his problems. "Money can't buy garden happiness", but it's fun to see someone learn the lessons experienced gardeners learned at a much cheaper price! Hardcover 270pp Pub at $22.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price: $5.98

  3. Garden at Highgrove


    When The Prince of Wales bought Highgrove House in 1981 the grounds consisted of a brown path which ran around the house, a lawn and a few thorn bushes. Twenty years later, he has transformed the land adjoining the house into exquisite gardens which embody his gardening ideals and organic principles. With help from some of Britain's finest designers including The Marchioness of Salisbury, Rosemary Verey, Miriam Rothschild and Sir Roy Strong, the Prince of Wales has created highly individual gardens which have now reached maturity. He describes the thinking behind each garden, the mistakes and the triumphs, and his plans for the future. Lavishly illustrated with photographs which capture both the scope and detail of each garden, this is a book which will delight and inspire both gardeners and horticulturalists at every level. Learn More

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    Special Price: $10.98

  4. Garden Explored


    by Mia Amato. Mia is a full time journalist and lifelong gardener. If someone tells her it can’t be done, Mia would rather try it herself and prove she can do it. In this book she shares her sense of adventure and knowledge with you. By following in the San Francisco’s Exploritorium tradition of hands on, minds on exploration, which has set the standard for interactive science centers; she provides dozens of projects and activities to help build a deeper understanding of the science in your garden. She also explains why knowing the background of a plant and what it requires, will help you get the best results from it. Her simple experiments will have you exploring your backyard and learning how and why plants will grow and do things the way they do. Soft Cover 152pp Pub at $12.95 Learn More

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    by Lawrence Sheehan. Yes, we fell for a coffee table book. But where else can you visit such an eclectic group of extraordinary gardeners, collectors, and others whose achievements have been inspired by the garden? And view them in over 300 full-color photos in a luxuriously large format? First, we visit "inspired plantsmen", like Allen Haskell whose garden center resembles a world class botanic garden, Rose Storey Farm with over 15,000 rose bushes, and Sal Gilberties renowned herb farm. Then we met the "passionate collectors" whose obsessions run from garden art, books, antique ornaments, and botanical china, to antique lawn mowers. Finally, we met those with "singular visions" who create inspired by their love of plants. Among them is a potter, a sculptor, a photographer, and from the past, the Blaschkas, glass artisans who created the exquisite glass botanicals at the Harvard museum. Softcover 240pp Pub at $50.00 Learn More

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $14.95

  6. Wild Moments


    by Ted Williams. Ted Williams, the environmental and nature writer (not the Bosoxs "Splendid Splinter") shares here a collection of his seasonal observations. Williams is a keen observer and each essay is about a single moment he has witnessed. He explains the natural phenomena behind these moments and tells readers where to go and what to look for so they may also try to observe such events. Along with teaching about various plants, animals, birds, and insects, Williams is also showing the reader how to "see", how to observe the marvels of the natural world. His essays follow the cycle of one year and included instances witnessed in all parts of the country. He calls these moments "retreats into what is pure and clean and right with the world". Reading these beautifully composed essays indeed refreshed the spirit. Hardcover 192pp PUB at $22.95 Learn More

  7. Wisdom of the Last Farmer


    By David Mas Masumoto. In this book, the author chronicles the three generations of farmers in his family who have been shaped by the land, and their ideals, to bring us a meaningful and and thoughtful view into the world of modern farming. We go to our local grocery store and buy a peach, take it home, and hope it will soften and ripen without spoiling. Very few of us know the difference between a store bought peach and the exquisite experience of biting into a juicy heirloom peach that has been picked at full ripeness. This is the story of David Mas Masumoto and others like him who have kept alive farming traditions that offer us treasures like this so all of us may enjoy some of lifes simplest pleasures, even in the face of mounting costs, pressure from large companies and shrinking profitability. A reminder of the important and thankless job small farmers have in the modern agriculture world. Hardcover. 239 pp. Pub at $25.00. Learn More

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