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  1. Flower Hunters


    By Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin. The story of 11 flower hunters that travel to every corner of the earth in search of new and exotic plants. These obsessive men and women from the middle of the 17th to the end of the 19th century were the founding figures of the new science of botany. The explorers, risking their lives to search for undiscovered plants provided great botanical collections, lay the foundation for the revolution in understanding the natural world and gave us our familiar garden plants. Softcover. 332 pp. Pub at $19.95 Learn More

  2. From the Ends of the Earth

    FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH **sold out**

    by Christian Lamb. A self proclaimed "plant-aholic", when Lamb sees a plant she wants, she will go to the ends of the earth to find it. She may find it close to home in Cornwall, England, but then she just has to travel to see where it originated. Lamb not only lusts after plants, she thirsts to know their colorful history. She's a tireless researcher into the adventures of the plant hunters who found these species and when she can, she likes to follow in their steps. In this delightful book, she weaves the stories of the plants in her "living plant museum", their discoverers, and her own travels, to form a wonderful, humorous homage to her plant collection. Exquisitely illustrated with both color photographs and botanical prints. Hardcover 224pp PUB at $35.00 Learn More

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  3. Ginseng


    by David A. Taylor. Ginseng, now making its appearance in softdrinks (where its health benefits should be remarkable), has had a long, colorful history. And its future looks just as interesting. David Taylor explores both in his intriguing book. Ginseng is native to 2 countries, China and North America and Taylor traveled extensively in each to learn about Ginseng. His profiles of the characters he meets are wonderful - Chinese dealers, New York traders, and modern day 'Gensingers' - wild 'sang' hunters and 'simulated wild' growers. He compares ginsengs uses in Eastern and Western medicine and looks at past and present research into ginsengs medicinal effect. He also shows the seamier side of ginseng - behavior induced throughout Asian, European and American history - by its high value. A fascinating look at the side effects of ginsengs magical promise of good health, longevity, and wealth. Hardcover 308pp Pub at $23.95 Learn More

  4. Hampton Gardens


    by John Esten. Here's a chance to peak behind the high hedges to view the magnificent gardens of the Long Island Hampton area in this unusual compilation created for an exhibition at the Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton. A wide range of gardens is presented, from Sylvester Manor planted in 1653 to the inventive gardens of Alfonso Ossario and Robert Dash. In between, there are many stately grounds by well known landscape designers. The majority of the book is devoted to illustrating these gardens, with accompanying descriptive narrative. Many well known artists found their way to the Hamptons to paint these gardens and their work is beautifully reproduced here. There are also many photographs from the early 1900s along with new photographs by Evelene Wechsler. Hardcover 159pp PUB at $45.00 Learn More

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  5. How to Pick a Peach


    by Russ Parsons. Understand not only where your produce comes from but also how it got there, and the best way to choose, store, and prepare it. Learn why you should never refrigerate a potato, which unripe fruits will gain great flavor, and those that never will if they were picked before their time. Interesting and informative, it tells the history of how the storage, transportation and selling of fruits and vegetables in modern markets has developed heartier but less flavorful products. Goes on to discuss how food co-ops, farmer’s markets, organic produce, and move back to local, seasonal foods can help you find the flavorful and quality produce that’s been missing too long. A must read for anyone looking to understand the modern farm/factory food system. Hardcover. 412 pp Pub at $27.00. Learn More

  6. Literate Gardners Notebook


    From the writings of Louise Beebe Wilder and others. Illustrated by Sia Kaskamanidis. Louise has long been one of the finest American gardening writers. She declares that a flower?s willfulness is a large part of its charm, and her journal is filled with simple prose on the challenges and triumphs of gardening with beautiful line drawings of flowers. This is set up by month and offers ample space for all your gardening notes and thoughtful musings throughout the year. Softcover 96 pp pub at $9.95 Learn More

  7. My Garden


    By Jamaica Kincaid. Join the great storyteller and writer Jamaica Kincaid in her musings about her gardens in Vermont, with her passionate nurturing of plants and creation of beauty in a garden, her childhood gardens in Antigua, visits to English gardens and flower shows, and her interesting plant hunting trip to China. Hardcover. 229pp. Pub at $23.00. Learn More

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  8. Native American Gardening


    By Gilbert L. Wilson. Of special interest to economic historians, anthropologists, or anyone fascinated by Native American life. In 1917, anthropologist Gilbert Wilson recorded a year of gardening activities of Buffalo Bird Woman, a Hidatsa Indian born in 1839 North Dakota and raised in the tradition of sustainable agriculture. A fascinating account of how the women (who did all the agricultural work) broke ground and cultivated extensive crops of corn, squash, beans and sunflowers. Full of information on seed varieties, harvesting, drying, saving seed and food preparation. She also recalls songs, stories and ritualistic ceremonies essential to a successful harvest. Captivating reading. Softcover 144 pp Newly pub at $14.95 Learn More

  9. Native Harvests


    By E. Barrie Kvasch. -new edition- I had been trying to find this book for years so I was very pleased when the reprint came out. It offers even more than I expected. Published in 1979, it is still one of the few books on American Indian wild and cultivated foods with recipes. Kvasch researched how hundreds of tribes across the country used nuts, berries, fruit, tree sap, wild herbs, cultivated vegetables, ferns, lichens, mosses, mushrooms, wild game, and salt and fresh harvest for sustenance medicine, cosmetics and ceremony. The recipes she collected reflect native uses of harvest in soups, entrees, breads, beverages, smoking mixtures, chewing gums, and as seasonings. Kvasch drawings illustrate this field guide cookbook and ethnobotony study. Softcover 238 pp. Learn More

  10. Otherwise Normal People


    By Aurelia C. Scott. When Aurelia Scott met 75 year old Clarence Rhodes here in Portland Maine, she got her first taste of the obsessive world of rose gardeners. Rhodes is well known locally for riotous roses that abound on his small lot and out onto his sidewalk. He does not let cold winters, lack of space, or lack of money for equipment get in his way. His ingenuity and enthusiasm prompted Scott to interview a wide cross section of Americas "rose-a-holics" and her book provices us with lively accounts of these visits. Scott and her new found rose friends all come together at the ARS Spring Rose Show and we get an inside look at the action there. Finally, overcome with the world of hybrid roses, Scott visits heritage rose lovers, whom she believe will be less obsessive. Not so! Hardcover 235pp. Learn More

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  11. Plain and Happy Living


    Amish Recipes and Remedies -new edition- By Emma Byr The Amish believe that God put all man's needs in plants and that man's job is to learn how to use them for food and medicine. Emma Byler, an old order Amish woman was widowed at age 33 with 10 children to feed and no money. She found it a necessity to make do with what was on hand. Throughout her life, she jotted down the remedies, stories, and recipes that she valued and stored them in a shoe box. When Dr. Peter Gail, an anthropologist doing research on herbal remedies, came across Emma Byler (now in her 70's) and her shoebox, he realized what a treasure was stored there. He helped Emma put these into book form in her own words. In the book, she shares recipes for homemade household products, nutritious foods, and an extensive list of home remedies. The remedies were learned from her father, who in turn was taught them by a neighboring Indian. Emma also shares the ideas, wisdom, and best of all, the marvelous sense of humor, that brought her a rich and rewarding life. Don't miss this delightful and thought-provoking look at a simpler way of life. Softcover 156 pp? Learn More

  12. Plants From the Edge of the World


    by Mark Flanagan and Tony Kirkham. This riveting story of recent plant explorations in the Far East began when a 1987 storm devastated the Royal Botanic Gardens trees. During recovery, they noticed a need for more temperate woodland plants in their collection. A plant collecting initiative was born, resulting in 4 expeditions led by the authors. In 1989, they went to South Korea, then to Taiwan in 1992, far eastern Russia in 1994 and finally Japans Island of Hokkaido in 1997. The authors encounter plenty of perilous situations, diverse characters, interesting food, all manner of lodging, stunning scenery, and of course the thrill of the hunt. Their story is written in an engaging, lively, descriptive manner that makes it hard to put down. It is also beautifully printed and illustrated with color photographs of exquisite plants, scenery, local color and people. Hardcover 312pp. Pub at $39.95 Learn More

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