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  1. Homemade Crackers


    By Jim Long -new edition- Discover a new breed of crackers with healthy ingredients and great flavor. Make Blue Cheese Crispy, Herbal Oat, Marjoram Cheddar, Pecan Cheddar Thyme, or vegetable crackers. Also try Chili and Oregano Tortilla Chips, Firecrackers or Caraway Semame Sticks. There are 55 tasty recipes to suit all tastes! Softcover 36pp Learn More

  2. Fabulous Sorbets


    Jim Long found a sorbet maker at a yard sale and that started him on a whole new flavor track - using edible blossoms and herbs to flavor sorbets. Sorbets are great for capturing subtle flavors. After explaining basic methods of making sorbet, Long shares his recipes that combine unusual flavorings such as lilac, lavender, violet, lemon verbena, scented geranium or sweet woodruff with fruit to make wonderfully refreshing delights. Softcover 36pp Learn More

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  3. Farmers of Fourty Centuries


    By F. H. King For thousands of years, Asian farmers have cultivated the same land without exhausting the soil's fertility and supported very dense populations. In the early 1900's, F. H. King, an official of the U.S. D. A. studied organic farming methods in China, Korea and Japan firsthand. He relates his observations in this amazing book, first published in 1911. He was impressed with Asian farmers methods of conserving and utilizing natural resources. They planted intensively, often growing two to four crops per year on the same plot, and constructed elaborate canal systems for irrigation. They let nothing go to waste; fuel ash, canal mud, organic refuse and manure, were all used to build soil fertility. King also studied their reforestation methods, land reclamation, and the cultivation of diverse crops, among them rice, mulberry for silkworms, and tea. He provides wonderful descriptions of the farmers lives and the places he visited. Over 240 black and white photographs from his trips illustrate the book. An altogether fascinating glimpse of another culture, with lessons for today. Softcover 441 pp Learn More

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  4. Feng Shui


    by Howard Choy Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonious placement meant to create balance between people and their environment. By following the principles of Feng Shui, people can bring this balance to their homes and gardens. Feng Shui can be complicated, but this book simplifies the concepts and touches on the basic remedies. In laying out a home or garden, one should look for a positive energy flow or "qi". The book describes good home layout and placement of rooms, doors, and furniture. If you can't change your basic layout, then it discusses simple remedies such as moving furniture, changing colors, adding movable partitions or plants to change the qi flow, and hanging wind chimes or mirrors. Outside, an appealing, simple and natural garden attracts nourishing qi to the home. Feng Shui is good design and makes good sense. Hardcover 79 pp Pub. at $12.95 Learn More

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  5. Flower Hunters


    By Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin. The story of 11 flower hunters that travel to every corner of the earth in search of new and exotic plants. These obsessive men and women from the middle of the 17th to the end of the 19th century were the founding figures of the new science of botany. The explorers, risking their lives to search for undiscovered plants provided great botanical collections, lay the foundation for the revolution in understanding the natural world and gave us our familiar garden plants. Softcover. 332 pp. Pub at $19.95 Learn More



    Natural methods for treating the flu including the use of herbs, to strengthen the immune system and ease symptoms. Learn More

  7. From the Ends of the Earth

    FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH **sold out**

    by Christian Lamb. A self proclaimed "plant-aholic", when Lamb sees a plant she wants, she will go to the ends of the earth to find it. She may find it close to home in Cornwall, England, but then she just has to travel to see where it originated. Lamb not only lusts after plants, she thirsts to know their colorful history. She's a tireless researcher into the adventures of the plant hunters who found these species and when she can, she likes to follow in their steps. In this delightful book, she weaves the stories of the plants in her "living plant museum", their discoverers, and her own travels, to form a wonderful, humorous homage to her plant collection. Exquisitely illustrated with both color photographs and botanical prints. Hardcover 224pp PUB at $35.00 Learn More

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  8. Fruit


    by Kathryn Hawkins. For fresh, juicy, bright and savory recipes-both sweet and main dishes-this is the book for you. It has tips on choosing, storing, preparing and easy to follow recipes full of new and delicious combinations with ideas that will perk up your taste buds or be the envy of any gathering – like Mango and Lamb Brochettes, Smoked Chicken and Pear Salad, Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble or a Trio of Sorbets. It includes recipes for desserts, breads, salads, drinks, relishes, preserves, sauces and accompaniments for over 80 recipes. Spiral bound 176pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

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  9. Ordinary Miracles


    This creative and beautifully illustrated manuscript catalogues the A-Z wonders growing right outside your door. His floral alphabet will be enjoyed by all ages for its art, clever simplicity, and obvious appreciation for the abundant beauty of the flowers and fauna detailed here. The artists hand-drawn, full color, and pen and ink drawings burst with fine detail and whimsy, sharing his garden of miracles with all of us. A lovely gift for the young, or the young at heart, gardeners. Hardcover 62 pp Learn More

  10. Get Fresh

    GET FRESH **sold out**

    Describes flavor, health benefits, and directions for preparing 36 fruits and 47 vegetables. Softcover 260 pp pub. at $16.95 Learn More

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  11. Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    You'll never have to search again for that hard-to-find gift for your gardening friends. Enter the dollar value you would like in the quantity column of the checkout form. Learn More

  12. Ginseng


    by David A. Taylor. Ginseng, now making its appearance in softdrinks (where its health benefits should be remarkable), has had a long, colorful history. And its future looks just as interesting. David Taylor explores both in his intriguing book. Ginseng is native to 2 countries, China and North America and Taylor traveled extensively in each to learn about Ginseng. His profiles of the characters he meets are wonderful - Chinese dealers, New York traders, and modern day 'Gensingers' - wild 'sang' hunters and 'simulated wild' growers. He compares ginsengs uses in Eastern and Western medicine and looks at past and present research into ginsengs medicinal effect. He also shows the seamier side of ginseng - behavior induced throughout Asian, European and American history - by its high value. A fascinating look at the side effects of ginsengs magical promise of good health, longevity, and wealth. Hardcover 308pp Pub at $23.95 Learn More

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