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  1. Annuals and Perennials


    By Geoff Bryant and Tony Rodd. With all the thousands of annuals and perennials out there to choose from, how do you find the best plants for your garden? This book contains all the information you need to choose the ideal flowers for your garden. It features more than 1,300 carefully researched plants entries, including the characteristics, growth habits, and needs of each plant. It has a detailed plant selection table, making it easy to match plants to your garden conditions, and its handy size (6 ? ?X8 ? ?) makes it easy to take with you to the garden center or plant nursery. Softcover 304pp Learn More



    A Pocket Naturalist's Guide by Waterford Press. This folded, glossy pocket guide introduces beginners to familiar bird species. Learn More

  3. Dryland Gardening


    Thrive in Tough Conditions. By Jennifer Bennett. With climate changes and long standing water reservoirs shrinking, it is getting harder to grow some of our more traditional plants. Jennifer has first-hand experience gardening under challenging growing conditions where wind, drought and temperature extremes prevail. She helps you understand what is affecting your area and how to raise beautiful gardens with the new resources available. These adjustments can make your garden more weatherproof and help conserve energy and water while protecting your plants. Also contains information on the appearance, growing needs, and care of your herbs, grasses and ground covers, bulbs, perennials and vines, annuals and shrubs. Softcover 192 pp pub at $24.95 Learn More

  4. Encyclopedia of Vegetable Gardening


    by Brenda Little. Here is a concise basic book for the small gardener on how to decide what and how much to grow, when to harvest and how to care for your vegetables and herbs. Each chapter gives you the common and botanical names, origin and different types of varieties. Whether in a container on your patio or in a backyard garden, these chapters give over 200 illustrations with clear and complete instructions on planting, fertilizing, seed varieties, special handling, pests and diseases, storing and preserving, and serving suggestions for a bumper crop of vegetables and herbs. Brenda also goes on to give you notes on establishing a garden, cold frames, soil, planting guides and step-by-step instructions on the correct and safe ways to freeze, dry and store your harvested vegetables. Soft cover 288 pp Learn More

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    By Nancy J Ondra and photography by Rob Cardillo. This book makes a great reference for any gardener. It goes beyond flowers and gives you the option of creating a full season of gardening paradise with color and texture. It breaks down plants by color starting with gold then rousing red to basic black, stunning silver, grey and blue and then multi colors (variegated plants). Each color then goes on to show you a pallet of different folliage with spiky bold, medium, fine or lacy plants. It has you exploring your options and creating exciting combinations and has information on controlling foliage foes. You can let your artistic side loose in your garden with all the ideas that will come to you after looking at the different color and texture combinations in this book. Softcover 304 pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  6. Garden Techniques


    By Jonathan Edwards. This gardening book is filled with all the essential tasks needed to have a great garden. It has over 950 color photographs and illustrations showing the step by step tasks. These visual aids make it easy to learn the key gardening skills and techniques from planning and designed planting, propogation, care and cultivation through each season. While basic gardening is fulfilling and fun (and enjoyed by everyone), you can also incorporate many features in your garden besides just vegetables. Each gardener looks for something different. Whether it is growing vegetable and flowers or just enjoying a relaxing patio, this book can help you design anything you want. Many of these techniques can help you avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your garden. Hardcover 258 pp Pub at $29.99 Learn More

  7. Shrubs and Climbers


    By Jonathan Edwards. This book contains over 600 color photos with an A-Z listing of popular plants and their characteristics, and a guide to growing shrubs and climbers successfully. It highlights the best shrubs and climbers for every season, showing you how to create a range of color and visual effects with expert step-by-step photographic guidance on choosing and caring for them throughout the whole year. The useful listings also identify the ideal plants for special requirements, such as blooms covering arches or providing year-round ground cover and plants that are suitable for particular soil and climate conditions. Hardcover 256pp Learn More

  8. Houseplant Encyclopedia


    By Ingrid Jantra and Ursula Kruger. With all the plant varities found in your local gardening nurseries today it would be nice to know how to take care of what you want to grow. This book can help you do that. It has information on purchasing, placment, plants that need careful handling, poisonous plants, plants with particular needs, brief histories, native habitats and basic structures. Illustrated with more than 900 color photographs, easy to follow advice, an A-Z listing of container plants by botanical name, detailed descriptions and simple instructions for care and propogation. It uses informative symbols for each, explaining their light, watering and feeding requirements with useful tips to get the most from your plants. Softcover 384pp Pub at $29.95 Learn More

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  9. Water Saving Gardens


    by Graham Clarke. One of the things a gardener does not want to hear is you can't water your garden. Across the country drought has increasingly become an issue that effects all of us. In this book, Graham gives us practical ways to ease this problem and still achieve a fabulous garden. We can do some of this by conserving with a water saving garden, and including plants that thrive in arid conditions with an A-Z directory of low water plants. This has great photos and color illustrations showing how to follow all the information in this book. This covers: containers, trees and border plants, gardening under cover, lawns, and the kitchen garden. This directory provides a new look at many wonderful and interesting plants for our gardens. Soft cover 160 pp. Learn More

  10. Fruit Gardeners Bible


    Thrive in Tough Conditions. A complete guide to growing fruits and nuts in the home garden. By Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry. Growing your own berries and picking the perfect fruit is always a great experience. You know what has gone into it and the taste cannot be beat. This is a complete resource for everything you need to know about choosing hardy varieties, how much room your tree or bramble patch will need, pruning, creating edible landscapes, using organic methods, preventing disease and pests from damage and the harvesting and seasonal care of your crops. Softcover 320 pp Learn More

  11. Garden Primer


    by Barbara Damrosch. It's been 22 years since Damrosch first published her comprehensive guide to gardening. Though its always been a great guide, much has changed in that time. Damrosch says she has been continually learning - about new varieties, tools, techniques and resources. She has become 100% organic and has revised her book to be so as well. This is no small revision. It took Damrosch 7 years to complete it; the book is now 132 pages longer. In the first 4 chapters, she does an excellent job covering general gardening - plant structure, soil, other plant needs, growing from seed, planting, mulching, insects and diseases, landscape planning and more. Following this, chapters cover specific plant categories - annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, fruits, bulbs, roses, lawns, ground covers, vines, shrubs, trees, wildflowers and houseplants. Every one of the 820 pages is written in the conversational manner of someone with personal experience on every subject. Also contains over 500 illustrations and an excellent resource guide in the back. Softcover 820pp Learn More



    By Peter Thompson Take a trip to the Southern Hemisphere with Peter Thompson and see a whole new world of pants and gardens. Thompson wants us to extend our range of garden plants and touches on 1500 Southern Hemisphere plants and the role they could play in our gardens. He dispels the myth that these plants are too difficult to grow here, showing how these incredible trees, shrubs, flowers, vines , grasses and foliage plants can be used in sun or shade and hot or cool gardens. These plants have a forceful impact with their wild, exotic shapes, sizes and colors. Thompson demonstrates innovative ways to assimilate them into gardens using case studies of gardens where they are used. Hundreds of exquisite color plates illustrate these plants in their native habitats and in gardens. Thompson's book is also a fascinating personal account of places, people, plants and gardens encountered. Hardcover 451 pp Learn More

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