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Greenhouse Gardening

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  1. How to Build your own Greenhouse


    by Roger Marshall. If your considering installing a greenhouse, this book will be an invaluable asset whether you build it yourself or hire it out. Marshall covers all issues to consider in greenhouse design. He discusses styles, foundations, selecting a sight, interior layouts, irrigation options, ventilation and heat. In his section on building materials he includes the latest "green" products and numerous glazing options. Then he explains how to go about building the greenhouse from the ground up, including wiring, plumbing and heating. Marshall also provides complete plans and building directions for 9 styles of greenhouses, each with a different type of foundation. Styles presented are: basic freestanding, slant front insulated, slope-sided, gothic arch, lean-to, hoop house, window insert, garden shed combo, and one built on a deck or piers. An extremely thorough guide. Softcover 255pp Learn More

  2. Gardening in your Greenhouse


    By Mark Freeman. Freeman provides all the necessary information for using a greenhouse. First, he reviews greenhouse equipment, with great advice on inexpensive ways to come up with needed items. He discusses soils, water, ventilation, heating and lighting for home greenhouse users who probably don't want to spend a lot of money. In a Pest and Disease chapter, he emphasizes cleanliness and prevention and avoiding the use of chemicals. He devotes extensive space to starting plants for transplanting outdoors and on growing houseplants in the greenhouse. A shorter section offers a realistic look at what vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers can successfully be grown in simple greenhouses. A great resource for home greenhouse growers who want success without too much fuss. Softcover 200 pp Learn More

  3. Hydroponics


    Soilless Gardening the Beginner?s Guide to Growing Vegetables, Houseplants, Flowers and Herbs without soil. By Richard E. Nicholls. Hydroponics is the method of gardening without soil. It has been developed over the last 50 years and proven reliable and effective although still unfamiliar to many gardeners. Richard introduces you to the several methods allowing you to grow more plants in a limited amount of space. Food crops mature more rapidly and produce greater yields, and you conserve water and fertilizer. It also gives you greater control over your plants with more uniform results. You can understand the methods, find out about buying kits, nutrition and plant care, what to grow and preventing and treating problems. This has simple line drawings throughout the book with easy and interesting information. Softcover 127pp Learn More

  4. Tabletop Gardens


    by Janice Eaton Kilby. Tabletop gardens are a wonderful way to satisfy that gardening urge indoors. This book showcases 30 tabletop projects that will spur your creativity and bring the outdoors inside. There are no stuffy, waxy plants here! In these gardens, plants are combined for stunning effect. There are colorful succulent gardens, herb gardens, terrariums, forced bulbs, a watergarden, cactus garden, a rosemary topiary, zen sand, sensory grass, orchid and curly bamboo gardens, and more! Part of the fun of these gardens is the innovative containers that compliment the plants - salad gardens in vintage enamel ware, a bog garden in an old drawer lined with plastic, a fairy moss and lichen garden on a pretty old plate, for example. Plants with the same basic needs are combined for easy care and there is a good chapter covering basic indoor plant care. Hardcover 128pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

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