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Container Gardening

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  1. Vegetable Container Bible


    By Edward C. Smith This is the newest edition of INCREDIBLE VEGETABLES FROM SELF-WATERING CONTAINERS. Edward takes this edition further, and shows us how to grow a bounty of food in pots, tubs and other containers. Not everyone has a big garden but they would like to have their own vegetables and here, Edward shows you how to grow them even if you only have a patio, deck or balcony. Even someone with a big garden can profit from growing many of their plants in containers and you can end up with more food and less work. Edward gives you choices between traditional containers and his self-contained pots system. The biggest problem with growing vegetables in containers is the soil dries out and loses nutrients quickly. After much experimentation, Ed Smith developed his amazing system to solve those issues. His containers have water reservoirs and false bottoms that separate soil from the water, allowing air to reach the soil. Wicking systems move water from the reservoir to the soil. It?s important to pair the right sized pot and reservoir capacity with the specific crop, along with an appropriate soil mix. Smith details the specific needs of a wide variety of vegetables, offers advice on best varieties for container growing and provides organic pest and disease solutions. Softcover 254 pp Learn More

  2. Sugar Snaps and Strawberries


    Simple solutions for creating your own small space edible garden. By Andrea Bellamy. Worried that you don?t have the right type of space for the garden you want? Eager to join a community garden but not sure where to start? Allow Andrea to get you off on the right foot! With some creative thinking you can work with what you have and surprise yourself with the amount of vegetables and fruit you can grow in even the tiniest of places. She shows you how to decide on container gardening versus in the ground or community gardens or even shared backyards. This is a great reference guide (or beginner?s handbook) for succession planting, inter-planting, cut-and-come again crops, vertical gardening and stretching your garden season for the most harvest with edibles from A-Z. Lots of handy tips! Softcover 224 pp Learn More

  3. Sprout Garden


    By Mark M Braunstein. Sprouts aren't just for making shakes or adding to your sandwiches anymore - although both are delicious. Sprouts can add a variety of color and nutrients to any dish you prepare, as well as great flavor. In just 2-7 days anyone can easily raise and enjoy year round either raw or cooked and can enliven their everyday meals and snacks. Mark gives you plenty of information in his book with basic starting methods, different styles of sprouting, different types of sprouts, seeds, grains and beans, and some vegetarian recipes; like sprout salad dressings, sprouted bread, sunflower cheese, or your own hummus. Softcover 144pp Learn More

  4. Indoor Topiary


    By Chris Jones. These 25 introductory topiary projects will have you crafting and decorating with nature. It shows how to choose a container and equipment, make a frame, your plant basics with choices and care, and the easy step by step instructions with plenty of color photos for you to follow. A shape to display a variety of plants in any area, from cubes, spirals, spheres to free-form. Softcover 128 pp pub. at $19.95 Learn More

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    By Eric Franks and Jasmine Richardson. This expanding style of gardening has become very popular and demand has increased our own seed section of microgreens. Eric and Jasmine were first introduced to microgreens while staying at Elliot Colemans 4 Season Farm in Harbourside, Maine. After they left, they traveled to coastal California to start their own farm. Land was hard to find so they started with a small mountainside place growing microgreens for local restaurants. In this book they share with you how to plant, grow and harvest the most nutrient dense greens available. You will find that they can be easily grown in pots or trays on your porch, patio, deck, balcony or windowsill and enjoyed with recipes from some of Californias Big Sur chefs. Softcover 192 pp Learn More



    By Joachim Mayer. This is a practical, quick reference guide with more than 200 color illustrations to help you choose plants for the balcony and patio. It is broken down into different sections that cover balcony, container, potted plants, woody plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs and tasty plants. In each of these you have information on family, origin, description, location, sowing, care, design, cultivars and tips. A very handy guide for every gardener to use. Softcover with clear vinyl cover. 256 pp Learn More



    By Mel Bartholomew. One of the most popular garden books of all time, Square Foot Gardening is now available in a new edition 24 years after its initial publication in 1981. This book is a great way to start gardening or refine your gardening methods. Essentially it asks you to 'think inside the box' and create very compact 4' x 4' raised beds to eliminate 80% of your garden area and chores. It also helps you to rethink how to plan your garden and how often to plant your crops. Bartholomew has preached his gospel to city and 3rd world dwellers to allow almost anyone a basic garden that produces significant food at low cost. In this new edition, Bartholomew has streamlined methods that are easier to implement and is better illustrated. He has changed his methods in relation to soil, location, planting, grids, and seeds. Square Foot Gardening is an invaluable book that will leave a lasting impact on your gardening methods. Softcover 272pp Learn More

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