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  1. Ducks and Geese


    By Chris & Mike Ashton. While visiting a local garden nursery I saw some Magpie Ducks right in the middle of the garden. The owner raved how they were her best bet for keeping the bugs out of her garden, even following her around waiting for her to lift a tarp so they could reach every last slug beneath it. There are beautiful color photos through the book showing forty of the most popular breeds. This book shows how to select the right one for you, what you need to know to get started and how to care for your birds. Ducks and geese provide tasty eggs, pretty feathers, and the geese will even guard their space. The author also discusses painting eggs, using a quill feather to do calligraphy and some egg recipes. Softcover 128pp pub at $19.99 Learn More

  2. Late Summer Flowers


    By Marina Christopher. Marina Christopher holds a degree in botany and marine biology from the University of North Wales and did post graduate work at Oxford before working in various nurseries, and then setting up her own, Firecrest Nursery. With today's soaring prices we want to get as much as we can out of everything, and with our gardens we can do that and enjoy a longer season as well. Marina gives us a guide to the best late flowering perennials, (and a few biennials and annuals) and how you can creat the best growing conditions for them. She also includes some cunning tricks to persuade earlier flowering perennials to delay their performance until late summer early fall, or better yet, to repeat them. She also offers her own professional tips and techniques for successful propagaton. This wonderfully informative guide is illustrated with specially commissioned photography by Steven Wooster. Hardcover 208 pp Pub at $29.95 Learn More

  3. Let it Rot


    by Stu Campbell. The modern practice of composting is little more than speeding up and intensifying natural processes. With landfills overflowing it just makes sense to compost. Not only does it reduce waste - but it also builds up the soil tremendously. In this book, Stu Campbell explains how composting works, different types of composting, different organic materials, methods to speed up decomposition and how it helps your soil. Compost also has the ability to suppress plant diseases such as damping off, powdery and downy mildews and late blight of potatoes. You also have trouble shooting tips throughout the book to help with any problems, but as Stu tell us - successful composting requires the realization that no matter what you do, no matter how many mistakes you make, you are still probably going to come up with reasonably good, usable compost. Soft cover 154pp Learn More

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  4. Making Herb Vinegars

    Making Herb Vinegars

    How to make great tasting gourmet herb and fruit vinegars. Includes 55 recipes and lots of uses. Learn More



    By Eric Franks and Jasmine Richardson. This expanding style of gardening has become very popular and demand has increased our own seed section of microgreens. Eric and Jasmine were first introduced to microgreens while staying at Elliot Colemans 4 Season Farm in Harbourside, Maine. After they left, they traveled to coastal California to start their own farm. Land was hard to find so they started with a small mountainside place growing microgreens for local restaurants. In this book they share with you how to plant, grow and harvest the most nutrient dense greens available. You will find that they can be easily grown in pots or trays on your porch, patio, deck, balcony or windowsill and enjoyed with recipes from some of Californias Big Sur chefs. Softcover 192 pp Learn More

  6. One Block Feast


    By Margo True & the Staff of Sunset Magazine. You can turn your own backyard into a locavore?s paradise with garden plans for four seasons, do-it-yourself projects, how to raise chickens, keep bees, make wine, brew beer and 100 recipes made with ingredients from your own yard. Based on Sunset Magazine?s James Beard?s award-winning blog this will take you on an adventure in food from yard to table. This is about producing good food deliciously from a modest backyard but also about friends and community. Margo shares her experiences, trials and triumphs by taking an inspired dream and transforming it into four feasts over the course of a year, using only what could be grown or raised in their backyard-sized plot. She candidly shares the group?s many successes and often humorous setbacks as they try their hands at chicken farming, cheese making, olive pressing, home brewing, bee keeping, winemaking and more. This becomes a complete resource guide for planning an eco-friendly garden, filling your pantry, keeping animals, and crating made-from-scratch meals from ingredients you have grown yourself. Generously illustrated and easy to follow, it will inspire you to take ?eating local? to a whole new level. Hardcover 264pp Learn More

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    by Carol Klein. Is that plant flamboyant, frivolous, or shy and retiring? In this marvelous look at herbaceous plants, Carol Klein categorizes them by personality traits and shows how mixing diverse personalities makes a vibrant garden. She has Bread and Butter plants, the stalwarts of the garden, Cinderella plants that shoot to stardom, then disappear, and Shooting Stars, short lived but exciting. Also to be found are the Will-O-the-Wisps and Wafty Whisperers that add light and movement, Prickly Customers and Soft Touches, that add texture, and the Dainty and Detailed. Making bolder statements are the Gatecrashers, uninvited self-seeders, the Seductive Sophisticates, subtle yet charismatic, and those Drama Queens that demand attention. Klein enthusiastically introduces readers to great varieties with wonderful descriptions and discusses their cultivation. Each plants personality is further showcased in exquisite close-up color photographs (most full page) that are works of art themselves and would be lovely framed. Hardcover 176pp PUB at $29.95 Learn More

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  8. Indoor Topiary


    By Chris Jones. These 25 introductory topiary projects will have you crafting and decorating with nature. It shows how to choose a container and equipment, make a frame, your plant basics with choices and care, and the easy step by step instructions with plenty of color photos for you to follow. A shape to display a variety of plants in any area, from cubes, spirals, spheres to free-form. Softcover 128 pp pub. at $19.95 Learn More

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  9. Raising Animals by the Moon


    By Louise Riotte. This shows you how to raise animals in a healthy, humane, and natural way through the astrological calendar, and with some helpful herbs to improve the health and well-being of your domestic and farm animals. The astrological aspect is an interesting side feature her helpful notes makes for a great reading. Softcover 187 pp pub. at $14.95 Learn More

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  10. ROSES


    by Nancy J Ondra. From the highly acclaimed Taylor's Guides Series, this volume highlights 380 roses, with lovely close-up color photographs and encyclopedic entries for each. An introductory section discusses rose selection, growing basics, pruning, and maintaining rose health organically. Rose photos are featured in the Gallery of Roses where roses are listed by types under common names. Class, size, fragrance, and hardiness zone are listed along with the page of a more complete description in the encyclopedia section. Here entries are listed with botanical, common, and "fancy" names, commercial code and its date of introduction. Entries also contain well-written descriptions of the rose's flower, foliage, scent, and size, its disease resistance and advice on using it in the landscape. A great reference for rose selection. Softcover 474pp. Pub at $23.00 Learn More

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    by Anne Halpin. Ahh - to be lucky enough to have to deal with issues of gardening by the seashore! However, envy aside, seaside gardening has many difficult issues - strong winds that blow in a brace of sand and drying salt, sandy soil, fog, cool springs, fall hurricanes, and winter Nor'easters. The solutions involve growing adaptive plants and creating sheltered havens for less hardy plants. Halpin first offers a brief geography lesson of the area covered in her book, Maine to the Carolinas. Then she discusses planning, design, structures, hardscapes, planting, care, and winterizing for seashore gardens. Then comes the fun part - garden profiles of gorgeous seashore gardens - interesting stories and gardens to lust after! You'll enjoy visiting these gardens and viewing color photos of the lovely landscapes. Another 80 page section showcases trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses that are proven seaside survivors. Softcover 224pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

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  12. Shady Retreats


    By Barbara W. Ellis Remember the secret hideouts of your childhood? Here, Barbara Ellis shows how to create outdoor retreats for our adult lives. Instead of tarps and branches, she offers landscaping suggestions for the floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings of these refuges. Shade is best for retreats; it's healthier and offers a peaceful, cooling haven. If you don't have natural shade, Ellis shows how to create it with arbors, umbrellas, gazebos and other means. She profiles 20 designs, each offering great elements to incorporate into your own special site. For each plan, she provides a color painting of the design, a detailed site plot plan, information on special features, and a list describing suggested plants. A final section lists and describes Favorite Shade Plants. Softcover 182 pp Pub. at $19.95 Learn More

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