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    All you need to know to create attractive water garden plantings with a minimum of fuss and maintenance. Learn More

  2. Edible Rainbow Garden


    By Rosalind Creasy Create a fun, healthy and colorful garden! With so many colored varieties of vegetables today you can have an incredibly beautiful garden. The wonderful photos and information in this book will have you designing your rainbow garden with delight. Choose from Amaranths to Watermelons in great new colors. Rosalind Creasy profiles edible varieties by theme and offers recipes for using them. Softcover 106 pp pub. at $14.95 Learn More

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  3. Country Living


    Updated 10th edition By Carla Emery This is a remarkable book in many ways. Its sheer size is impressive, an 8 1/2 x 11 inch format with 885 pages. The fact that it is the effort of a single author is even more noteworthy, especially when you learn that Carla Emery spent 30 years working on this book, while at the same time, homesteading and raising seven children! She has accumulated the information for at least a dozen books in one volume. We were continually amazed at the breadth of information included here. In chapters on vegetables, herbs, and fruits, there were far more varieties mentioned than in entire books we carry on those subjects (124 herbs, for instance!). There is a very complete chapter on raising a wide variety of grasses, grains, and canes that include: amaranth, millet, quinoa, rice, sorghum (with broom-making directions) sugar cane, wheat and much more. There are also extensive sections on farm animals: poultry, goats, cows, home dairying, bees, rabbits, sheep and pigs. Favorite recipes and further resources are scattered throughout. In a time of too many slick publications, Carla Emery's sincerity is truly refreshing. This expanded updated edition includes mail order source information with email and website addresses. It also includes more of Emery's personal advice, reflections and antidotes. Softcover 885 pp? Learn More

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  4. Encyclopedia of Vegetable Gardening


    by Brenda Little. Here is a concise basic book for the small gardener on how to decide what and how much to grow, when to harvest and how to care for your vegetables and herbs. Each chapter gives you the common and botanical names, origin and different types of varieties. Whether in a container on your patio or in a backyard garden, these chapters give over 200 illustrations with clear and complete instructions on planting, fertilizing, seed varieties, special handling, pests and diseases, storing and preserving, and serving suggestions for a bumper crop of vegetables and herbs. Brenda also goes on to give you notes on establishing a garden, cold frames, soil, planting guides and step-by-step instructions on the correct and safe ways to freeze, dry and store your harvested vegetables. Soft cover 288 pp Learn More

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  5. Exotic Planting


    by Christopher Lloyd. Christopher delighted and shocked some summer visitors when he replaced an 80 year old Lutyens-designed rose garden with his exotic one. He used bold combinations of palms, cut leafed sumac and arching New Zealand flax with cannas and dahlias, which were woven with verbena and annual climbers. This combination added dazzling color from June until the first frosts. His book starts with hardy structural plants, then adds exotic perennials and shrubs. He continues his garden explosion with annuals and then finishes with exotic edibles in pots. He gives generous information about these plants to encourage you to try an exotic oasis for yourself. Hard cover 193pp. Pub at $29.95 Learn More

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  6. Foliage


    By Nancy J Ondra and photography by Rob Cardillo. This book makes a great reference for any gardener. It goes beyond flowers and gives you the option of creating a full season of gardening paradise with color and texture. It breaks down plants by color starting with gold then rousing red to basic black, stunning silver, grey and blue and then multi colors (variegated plants). Each color then goes on to show you a pallet of different folliage with spiky bold, medium, fine or lacy plants. It has you exploring your options and creating exciting combinations and has information on controlling foliage foes. You can let your artistic side loose in your garden with all the ideas that will come to you after looking at the different color and texture combinations in this book. Softcover 304 pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  7. Food Not Lawns


    by H.C. Flores. Heather Flores has a vision - of healthy, connected communities that expand to create a healthier more connected world. It's a big vision, so where to start? Flores starts with out lawns, big or small, your own or shared space. She proposes that if we use this space to grow our own food, or even better share that food, we have begun the process toward healthier community, both physically and spiritually. To get us started, she devotes a good portion of the book towards gardening. She is a certified permaculture designer, so her gardens are designed to be low maintenance, edible ecosystems that engender ecological health. Her book is bursting with concrete ideas for attaining such systems - ecological soil building, water recycling, and much more. She also believes gardening should be low cost and has great ideas for scrounging and adapting. After the garden section, Flores pushes us to go beyond the personal to reduce our collective impact on the world by re-examining life styles and consumer choices. (Flores manages to live happily on $6,000 a year.) She offers great ideas for creating stronger community through gardening and low impact living. Softcover 334pp. Learn More

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  8. For the Birds


    by Anne Halpin. A handy guide to help you transform the area around your home to a year round haven for our feathered friends. This practical guide will help you shape your environment whether it's a fire escape or backyard. It contains handy tips from an experienced gardener and the National Wildlife Federation to landscape with plants, mix your own bird feed that certain birds will like best, protect birds from predators and create a birding journal. Softcover. 96 pp Pub at $6.95. Learn More

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  9. Four Season Harvest


    by Eliot Coleman. When Eliot Coleman claimed that in mid January in Maine (where it gets down to -20 degrees F), he harvests 18-20 fresh vegetables, it seemed unbelievable. Take a closer look and you'll discover he opened up a whole new venture in gardening. Note he says 4 season harvest, not growing. His system depends on constantly clearing out spent crops, and replanting with crops appropriate to the coming season so that one always has a fresh crop to harvest. His system for extending the harvest season is based on the use of cold frames, plastic tunnels, root cellars, and hardy vegetables. Coleman does not use a greenhouse or any fancy heating systems. His aim is for utmost simplicity in achieving his goal of fresh, flavorful vegetables year round. Softcover 236 pp. Learn More

  10. Fowl Play


    Written and Illustrated by Patrick Merrill. A fun-for-all-ages book packed full of puzzles, quotes, quips, word games and fun facts that will amuse and inform you and is all about our feathered friend, the chicken. Softcover 6? X 7 ?? 144 pp pub at $10.95 Learn More

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  11. Food From Small Spaces


    by R.J. Ruppenthal. When the author says "small spaces" here, he's talking "square inch" city gardening. Ruppenthal, a longtime city gardener, claims that an urban apartment dweller can grow 10-20% of their families fresh food (more with a backyard or patio) without resorting to energy intensive hydroponics or indoor greenhouses. How? First, he discusses growing vegetables in available space and light levels. He shows how to build self-watering containers, use vertical space and reflected light, cycle crops, extend the season and grow fruits and berries in containers. Other options for producing your own food are also explored. These include sprouting seeds, making yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods (culturing foods increases their nutritional value), and cultivating mushrooms (great for dark spaces or shady yards). He even discusses raising chickens for eggs and honeybees. Many cities zoning laws do in fact allow a limited number of chickens. Another section explores composting and worm beds and a final chapter offers tips for getting along during resource shortages in the city. Softcover 240pp. Learn More

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  12. Vines to Wines


    by Jeff Cox. Jeff Cox offers a complete course in home winemaking. He takes you from planting the grapes to drinking the wine! He covers choosing a site, building trellising systems, planting, pruning and harvesting the grapes. Then he explains the fermenting process and aging and bottling the wine. Bon Appetite! Softcover 256pp Learn More

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