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  1. City Chicks


    By Patricia Foreman. For a myriad of reasons, many people are turning to raising their own poultry. More cities and suburbs are changing codes so residents are able to raise these beautiful and interesting birds.Not just for meat or eggs, you also have less food scraps going out to your trash and more compost for you garden. Letting the hens get in and around your garden also helps get rid of many of the bugs that damage your plants. Patricia tells you how to take care of your flock: where to buy them, how to handle them (or maybe become a chicken whisperer), improve your garden soil, build a hen house, keep them safe, clean and healthy, provide a continous supply of fresh eggs, raise baby chicks, why you want to avoid getting roosters and recycling food wastes. Hens love having treats and raising a small patch millet for them or giving them some scraps from the kitchen or weeds from the garden is a big party event. You will love watching and raising these facinating creatures. Softcover 458pp Learn More

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  2. Clematis


    Inspiration, selection and practical guidance. By Charles Chesshire. Charles Chesshire is a lifetime expert on growing and breeding clematis and this book features his own wonderful photography. With over 300 varieties of clematis they are among the showiest of flowering perennials and surprisingly easy to cultivate in a wide range of climates. Their popularity and beauty make them great accents for any garden helping you create texture, scent and color. This book gives you practical information on the different types, ways of growing, planting, pruning, training, feeding, propagation, diseases and pests of these romantic garden favorites. Hardcover 160 pp pub at $35.00 Learn More

  3. Climbers and Wall Plants


    by Philippa Bensley. Philippa starts with the basics of climbers and wall plants, introducing them with their history, growing conditions and training. From their she goes on to describe many situations; hot, dry, sunny, low or high walls, sheltered gardens, screens or dividers, ground covers, and containers. She shows a palette of colors containing information on varieties of leaf and flowers in each. For seasons, Philippa gives plant profiles for a variety of climbers and shrubs with advice on companion plants. Many gardeners today are moving their climbers away from wall and fences and using free-standing structures for supports to create a focal point, frame a view, divide one garden from another or enhance a seating area. Soft cover 160pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

  4. Complete Compost Gardening


    By Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin. Both Barbara and Deborah share a wealth of gardening experience and together they give us an innovative guide that helps change your garden into a healthier and more economical place for your plants as well as saving you time and money. These techniques can create new growing space, solve site problems, host beneficial insects and invigorate your soil during every season of the year. They tell you what is compostable, how to compost in heaps, bins or enclosed composters, composting in underground trenches and holes, and making the most of your compost. They also give you twenty-five plants that will thrive with certain composting methods and some compost fodder crops that will enrich the soil with organic matter and other nutrients and increase your supply of high-nitrogen greens for composting. All these can help you understand and profit from a healthier and more flavorful garden. Softcover 320pp Learn More

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  5. Saving Seeds


    332 Vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs. By Robert Gough and Cheyl Moore-Gough Learn how to collect, save and cultivate your seeds, it?s easy and fun. This will thoroughly explain every step in the seeds-saving process. Descriptions of seed biology, tips on how to select plants for the best seeds, advice on harvesting and cleaning, proper seed storage and care, and propagating and caring for new seedlings are all presented with clear easy to follow instructions. Chapters are dedicated to individual plants and contain species-specific directions and detailed information. Gardeners of any level will find this a resourceful guide for their favorite plants. Softcover 320 pp Learn More

  6. Concrete Ornaments


    By Sherri Warner Hunter Ideas and superb directions for working creatively with concrete. Hunter devotes considerable attention (117 pages) to the fundamentals of working with concrete. She discusses tools, equipment, materials, mixing it, forming and construction techniques, surface treatments, and carving. She provides 21 custom concrete mix recipes, including four hypertufa mixes. When you finish this section, you'll have a solid foundation for tackling her 25 projects! These are divided by skill level. Among the beginner projects are: hypertufa pots and troughs, mosaic stepping stones, marvelous garden mushrooms, and a false garden boulder. Intermediate projects include a garden bench and lovely large leaf imprinted bird bath. Among the advanced are a bubbling fountain, puzzle piece patio stones, and a variety of sculptures. Hardcover 176 pp Learn More

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  7. Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    A step-by-step children's book for gardening projects and cooking recipes. It covers all the basics from safety, tools and techniques, to cooking and gardening with handy directories of plant profiles and terms. Learn More

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  8. Country Wisdom


    373 Tips, crafts, home improvements, recipes and homemade crafts. Excerpted from Storey ublishing?s Country Wisdom Library. A little book with a lot of answers! This is crammed full of country wisdom for everyone to enjoy. It has an easy format divided into four seasons that gives you 373 ways to live a more self sufficient life year round. It?s always nice to make homemade gifts for Christmas, but this goes further with home improvements for each season, recipes, gardening advice, caring for pets and farm animals, creating your own health and beauty remedies, and preserving food. It also includes all major holidays, daily temperatures, equinoxes, solstices and moon phases through 2020. So, learn to build a rock wall, make your own Halloween decorations or even fix that sticking door. Softcover 320 pp Learn More

  9. Creative Concrete Ornaments


    Making pots, planters, birdbaths, sculptures and more. By Sherri Warner Hnter. Sherri, who has worked with concrete for over a decade, proves once again that concrete is not just for sidewalks. Her selection of thirty creative and beautiful designs are perfect for the garden. The illustrated instructions make it easy to learn and the simplest projects come first so beginners can work their way through, building their skills as they progress through the book. Projects include a carved trough, a sand-cast bowl, elegant relief panel, and for more skilled crafters, a decorative walkway, sculpture and water feature. Softcover 176 pp Learn More

  10. Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy


    Garden Solutions Without Chemical Pollution. By Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor. Loren, an award winning television journalist and Janet, an entomologist and former zookeeper, are both consultants on environmental issues. The authors had great success with their first book, Dead Snails Leave No Trails, and this companion book offers a wide range of new tips and techniques for truly effective organic gardening. Loren and Janet help you learn how to be your own plant doctor. They show you how to recognize and correct plant deficiencies, use methods of making and using your own blend of organic fertilizers to build the soil and easy techniques and suggestions that are proven to work. They also help you make your own potting soil, compost and mulch, make natural pest and disease repellants, sprays and traps, attracting beneficial insects, inviting butterflies and wildlife into your natural space and what to do if wildlife becomes a problem. This is a wonderful reference for any gardener. Softcover 178 pp Learn More

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  11. Down and Dirty


    by Ellen Zachos. Ostensibly aimed at beginning gardeners, Ellen Zachos book of 43 garden projects has plenty of great ideas for everyone. And imbedded in all the garden projects are all the basic skills a gardener needs to learn. Four categories of projects are scattered through the book. Down and Dirty Basics include tool collecting, seed starting, season extending, bird gardening, soil improving, deer and bug problems and more. Down and Dirty Projects range from forcing tulips to container, raised bed and grow bag gardens. A few Down and Dirty Adventures involve photography, elder flower Champaign and community gardens. And finally, there is Down and Dirty Plants, featuring plants for cool theme gardens - hummingbird and feline favorites, plants for the senses, vines, fruits, night gardens, and my favorite - the dinosaur garden, featuring prehistoric-looking plants that offer the perfect playground for kids dinosaurs. Colored photos illustrate. Softcover 248pp. Pub at $19.95. Wicked good deal! Learn More

  12. Dryland Gardening


    Thrive in Tough Conditions. By Jennifer Bennett. With climate changes and long standing water reservoirs shrinking, it is getting harder to grow some of our more traditional plants. Jennifer has first-hand experience gardening under challenging growing conditions where wind, drought and temperature extremes prevail. She helps you understand what is affecting your area and how to raise beautiful gardens with the new resources available. These adjustments can make your garden more weatherproof and help conserve energy and water while protecting your plants. Also contains information on the appearance, growing needs, and care of your herbs, grasses and ground covers, bulbs, perennials and vines, annuals and shrubs. Softcover 192 pp pub at $24.95 Learn More

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