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Gourd Crafts

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  1. Gourd Pyrography


    By Jim Widess. Pyrography is the art of using heat to draw, carve or scorch designs. It is perfect for enhancing a gourds natural beauty and turning it into an elegant decorative piece. In the appendix, 90 different pen tips (with sources) are featured! Directions discuss gourd preparation and pyroengraving tools and techniques. Then, four artists walk you through 11 projects, step by step. After this, a gallery features 50 artists, their gourd art, and their secrets for achieving their effects. A final section showcases gourd jewelry. Softcover 143pp Learn More

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  2. Gourds and Fiber


    Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More. By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Throughout history, gourds have been used for functional and beautiful embellishments of art. In this unique book, two leading experts in gourd crafting, Ginger Summit and Jim Widess, take you through 30 beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions for coiling, plaiting, stitching and knotting everything from pine needles to leather beads. The authors? instructions on choosing and preparing gourds will give you a solid introduction to the basics so that you can start embellishing with ease. A wealth of photos showing the steps and the finished project will inspire your own creative process. Softcover 144pp Learn More

  3. Gourds With Southwest Motifs


    With Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More. By Bonnie Gibson. Bonnie?s deep appreciation of native cultures of the southwest and her wide variety of skills has brought us a great book with over twenty classic projects from pins to decorative baskets and other art works. She helps you with information on choosing a gourd, setting up a work area, cleaning, cutting, and using simple and advanced tools and techniques. Beautiful photos show diverse patterns, how-to steps and a variety of gourd art for you to try. Softcover 160pp Learn More

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  4. Gourd Dolls


    by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. For centuries, artists have turned gourds into vessels, jars, dolls and figures to ward off evil spirits. A tribute to this age old craft is shown here in the construction, decorative techniques, original projects and colored photos of examples of over 100 artists work. 28 specific projects demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and styles historic, ethnic, and new doll creations from over these artists. Hardcover 224pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  5. Gourd Musical instruments


    by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Gourds are natural resonators, so they are perfect for musical instruments. They come a range of sizes and shapes that they are amenable to a variety of instruments - gongs, shakers, rattles, rain sticks, tambourines, mbira (African keyboard), xylophones, drums, kazoos, harps, lyres, lutes, fiddles, banjos, zithers, flutes, horns, reeds and more! This book offers directions for making over 60 instruments, along with advice on how to play them. Those with no musical skills can make the aeolian instruments that are powered by the wind. Richly illustrated with color photographs, many showing instruments in use in their native countries. A fascinating book from a musical anthropology aspect as well. Softcover 144pp Learn More

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  6. Pumpkin Decorating


    By Vicki Rhodes When the pumpkin crop is ready, it's time to have some fun! Want to have the most unique pumpkins on the block? Here are 80 clever designs to make your pumpkins stand out. Vicki Rhodes shows how you can paint, carve and embellish pumpkins and squashes, turning them into such shady characters as Snider the Spider or Billy Bob Bat. Color photographs, drawings and directions are easy to follow. Softcover 96pp Pub at $6.95 Learn More

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