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  1. Kitchen Stitchin


    By Chris Malone. What fun you can have with this book! Now you can dress up your kitchen or patio to match the different seasons with great style. With easy to follow directions and patterns, you can make these projects for yourself or as a quick gift. Try the "Life Is a Picnic" table cloth, a red and white checkered tablecloth with a line of black ants stamped along the side- it will delight any childs picnic! Or you can make the beautiful autumn leaves quilted table runner with bordered napkin and beaded napkin holder. Any of the projects in this book will make great gifts for anyone as well as decorating your own kitchen. Softcover 128 pp Pub at $21.99 Learn More

  2. Kristens Fairy House


    from the Great White Dog Picture Company. An absolutely enchanting film. Kristen and her aunt, a childrens book illustrator, spend a week on a Maine island (Monhegan). Together they find fairy houses hidden among tree roots, rocks, and other natural places. Over the week Kristen and her aunt explore the island, and build fairy houses with materials found in the woods, field or beach - twigs, bark, shells, stones, feathers and such. The actors - the artist and her friends daughter - are wonderful and the filming (by the artist husband) is superb. This video won awards from the American Library Association, coalition for Quality Childrens Media and parents organizations. 40 minutes of pure delight! Learn More

  3. Gourd Dolls


    by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. For centuries, artists have turned gourds into vessels, jars, dolls and figures to ward off evil spirits. A tribute to this age old craft is shown here in the construction, decorative techniques, original projects and colored photos of examples of over 100 artists work. 28 specific projects demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and styles historic, ethnic, and new doll creations from over these artists. Hardcover 224pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  4. Gourd Musical instruments


    by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Gourds are natural resonators, so they are perfect for musical instruments. They come a range of sizes and shapes that they are amenable to a variety of instruments - gongs, shakers, rattles, rain sticks, tambourines, mbira (African keyboard), xylophones, drums, kazoos, harps, lyres, lutes, fiddles, banjos, zithers, flutes, horns, reeds and more! This book offers directions for making over 60 instruments, along with advice on how to play them. Those with no musical skills can make the aeolian instruments that are powered by the wind. Richly illustrated with color photographs, many showing instruments in use in their native countries. A fascinating book from a musical anthropology aspect as well. Softcover 144pp Learn More

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  5. Natural Baby Care


    by Colleen K Dodt. A natural way to take care of you and your baby with relaxation methods for pregnancy and childbirth, aromatic recipes for using herbs and essential oils, sage and simple homeopathic remedies and natural baby care. From soothing baths to clean skin and healthy environment, this well help you get off to great beginnings for yourself and your child. Solfcover 156 pp. Learn More

  6. Natural Dyes


    by Gwen Fereday. We were thrilled to obtain this superb book on natural dyes, published by the British Museum Press. Fereday is a dyer and weaver who studies traditional dyeing techniques from around the world. Here, she works with just five of the major historic dyes to show the extensive color array one can create through mixing, overdyeing and mordanting -- 500 shades in all. Yes, color charts present photo swatches of 500 colors created from 5 plants -- madder, indigo, cutch, cochineal and weld. Each of the 500 colors has a corresponding recipe. The recipes use basic techniques explained in the first part of the book, which also introduces the dyeing process, discusses natural dye sources, and how to make dyes from gathered plants and lichens. Everything is presented in a well-laid out, beautifully photographed and printed format. Hardcover 104pp pub at $35.00 Learn More

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  7. Natural Foot Care


    by Stephanie Tourles. Easy recipes for all kinds of care of your feet, with moisturizing creams, relaxing soaks, healing salves, instructions for at home pedicure, natural solutions for corns, bunions and cold feet and exercises for strengthening and stretching foot muscles. With these natural foot care recipes you will keep your feet in their best shape and it will help you improve your overall health - your feet's condition affects your whole body. Softcover. 188 pp. Learn More

  8. Paper for all Seasons


    By Sandra Lounsbury Foose. You and your family can have fun with more than 60 paper projects that will take you through a whole year of holidays and special occasions. With unique varieties of paper and scrapbooking items available in your local craft stores, these fun and whimsicle projects with easy to follow directions will provide hours of entertainment. By following the simple tips and techniques you can make great projects. Try an Autumn leaf wreath, fruit basket, baby booties, garden glove gift card (a great way to send a friend that special packet of seeds), or any of these wonderful creations. Softcover 128 pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

  9. Potpourri Making


    by Margaret Roberts. This gives you simple recipes with clear instructions and has delightful illustrations. It is an entertaining guide to making fragrant potpourri for every room in your house, using a variety of moist and dry aromatic ingredients. It also includes directions for mixing and storing as well as a complete list of useful herbs, trees, and shrubs to grow for making scented paper, pomanders, pillows and incense. Softcover. 91 pp. Pub and $10.95 Learn More

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  10. Preserving Flowers


    Dried & Pressed Floral Designs for Every Season By Diane Flowers. Now you can take all those beautiful flowers from your garden and enjoy them the rest of the year! Here, Diane shows you how easy pressing and preserving flowers can be with over 40 original designs for gorgeous wreaths, centerpieces, picture frames and more, featuring plants that you have dried. Not only will you enjoy making these wonderful projects but they will make beautiful gifts to share your garden with all your family and friends. Softcover 128pp pub at $14.95 Learn More

  11. Pumpkin Decorating


    By Vicki Rhodes When the pumpkin crop is ready, it's time to have some fun! Want to have the most unique pumpkins on the block? Here are 80 clever designs to make your pumpkins stand out. Vicki Rhodes shows how you can paint, carve and embellish pumpkins and squashes, turning them into such shady characters as Snider the Spider or Billy Bob Bat. Color photographs, drawings and directions are easy to follow. Softcover 96pp Pub at $6.95 Learn More

  12. Quick Knits


    From House of White Birches. Knitting has been gaining in popularity again. Part of this is the easy and fun patterns, part is because of all the yarn and new materials that are out there today, but mostly because it is a fun and relaxing pastime. This book has over 100 quick knit designs that anyone can enjoy both making and wearing. It has flirty fashion accents, trendy summer knits, sweaters rich with style and afghans sleek and cozy. Each project will tell you if it is for beginnner, easy or intermediate with finished size, materials, gauge pattern and directions. There are even some wool felted projects to knit (which is also very popular now) and a variety of other styles and colors to tempt anyone, even 2 patterns for your pooch. It also has special techniques and standard knitting abreviations. Softcover 304 pp. Pub at $24.95 Learn More

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