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  1. Stained Glass Garden


    by George W Shannon and Pat Torlen. The crafts people here were delighted with these gorgeous, innovative stained glass designs for use and decoration in the garden. Templates and excellent directions (along with color photos) detail every step of the stained glass process and the 27 projects. Two processes are used - copper foil and 3-D lead came. Several nature-themed window panel designs bring the garden inside, but most projects are intended for outdoor use. There's a stunning dragonfly spinner mounted on a copper stand. Garden jiggles stakes are topped with an angel, bee, fairy, or a lovely luna moth. Stain glass garden lighting designs include candle lanterns, magical patio lanterns, and floral torchiers and candelabras. There's a spectacular copper and stained glass garden obelisk. The piece de resistance is the majestic water bird sprinkler, in which a blue heron, pelican or snowy egret stands entwined in a copper sprinkler apparatus (directions provided for making the sprinkler). Magnificent! Hardcover 128pp Learn More

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    This will be treasured by all lucky recipients. In appearance, it's like an heirloom book with yellowed, gilt-edged pages and even a ribbon to mark ones place. It's beautifully illustrated with Cicely Mary Barkers flower fairies and offers numerous features for the reader. It describes the fairies and all the details of their homes, clothing, and daily activities. There are 2 flower fairy adventure chapter stories and lots of flower fairy activities, games, and crafts. Hardcover 208pp. Learn More

  3. Sunflower Houses


    Inspiration from the garden ? A book for children and their grown-ups. By Sharon Lovejoy This will bring back memories for some and inspire delightful pleasures for everyone else. A collection of warm watercolors, poems, playful projects ? how did that big zucchini get into that bottle? ? cozy hideaways ? a beautiful sunflower house with morning glories - and other outdoor experiences. It includes childhood fantasies of gardens remembered and enjoyed that we can pass along to the next generation. A wonderful way to spend time outside with the next generation of gardeners in your life. Softcover 144 pp Learn More

  4. Soapy Love


    By Debbie Chialtas. This book is great fun and gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment as well as ending up with some terrific soap! It shows you how to turn melt-and-pour glycerin into stylish and amazingly unique fun soaps. Debbie has twenty-five projects with bright colors, amazing designs and delicious scents. She shows simple techniques to make plaid patterns, soap-sicles, cameos’ and even jelly donut soaps. After learning about her layering, cut-outs and creative molds, you will feel confident and inspired to try your own new designs and amaze all your friends. Softcover 128pp pub at $19.99 Learn More

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    By Rebecca Ittner. Here is a great book with 45 melt-and-pour glycerin soap recipes using herbs, flowers and essential oils. With just a few materials from your kitchen and basic melt-and-pour soap bases, you can create these fun and easy soaps. In just a couple of hours you will have wonderful soaps that look, smell and feel great. Natural additives give color and texture and infuse melt-and-pour soaps with the ability to exfoliate, soothe and moisturize. Rebecca has photos showing her unique soaps and ends her book with some special finishes to present your soaps either for yourself or to give as gifts. Softcover 128pp Learn More



    By Dorothy Wood. Easy-to-follow instruction for some truly elegant and simple Shaker products. The Shakers dictum "beauty rests on utility" has inspired many modern designs. Their simplicity and beauty find a home in many places. Here we have 20 projects for linens, containers, furniture and accessories with their templates. Whether you want to try the cushion covers, Shaker box, pie safe or hooked rug, you can enjoy the crafts by making, using, or gifting them. Softcover. 112 pp Pub at $18.95. Learn More

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  7. Seashore Book for Children


    by Thornton W Burgess. First published in 1929, this book is delightfully fresh and relevant today. Thornton Burgess was a naturalist who cleverly wove a wealth of facts about the natural world into his tales for children. Danny Meadow Mouse, Jimmy Skunk, and Reddy Fox explore the Atlantic shoreline, meeting numerous critters, learning about their lives and habitats. The original paintings of birds and shore life are reproduced in black and white. A unique gem for children. Softcover 275pp Learn More

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  8. Quick Knits


    From House of White Birches. Knitting has been gaining in popularity again. Part of this is the easy and fun patterns, part is because of all the yarn and new materials that are out there today, but mostly because it is a fun and relaxing pastime. This book has over 100 quick knit designs that anyone can enjoy both making and wearing. It has flirty fashion accents, trendy summer knits, sweaters rich with style and afghans sleek and cozy. Each project will tell you if it is for beginnner, easy or intermediate with finished size, materials, gauge pattern and directions. There are even some wool felted projects to knit (which is also very popular now) and a variety of other styles and colors to tempt anyone, even 2 patterns for your pooch. It also has special techniques and standard knitting abreviations. Softcover 304 pp. Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  9. Pumpkin Decorating


    By Vicki Rhodes When the pumpkin crop is ready, it's time to have some fun! Want to have the most unique pumpkins on the block? Here are 80 clever designs to make your pumpkins stand out. Vicki Rhodes shows how you can paint, carve and embellish pumpkins and squashes, turning them into such shady characters as Snider the Spider or Billy Bob Bat. Color photographs, drawings and directions are easy to follow. Softcover 96pp Pub at $6.95 Learn More

  10. Preserving Flowers


    Dried & Pressed Floral Designs for Every Season By Diane Flowers. Now you can take all those beautiful flowers from your garden and enjoy them the rest of the year! Here, Diane shows you how easy pressing and preserving flowers can be with over 40 original designs for gorgeous wreaths, centerpieces, picture frames and more, featuring plants that you have dried. Not only will you enjoy making these wonderful projects but they will make beautiful gifts to share your garden with all your family and friends. Softcover 128pp pub at $14.95 Learn More

  11. Potpourri Making


    by Margaret Roberts. This gives you simple recipes with clear instructions and has delightful illustrations. It is an entertaining guide to making fragrant potpourri for every room in your house, using a variety of moist and dry aromatic ingredients. It also includes directions for mixing and storing as well as a complete list of useful herbs, trees, and shrubs to grow for making scented paper, pomanders, pillows and incense. Softcover. 91 pp. Pub and $10.95 Learn More

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  12. Paper for all Seasons


    By Sandra Lounsbury Foose. You and your family can have fun with more than 60 paper projects that will take you through a whole year of holidays and special occasions. With unique varieties of paper and scrapbooking items available in your local craft stores, these fun and whimsicle projects with easy to follow directions will provide hours of entertainment. By following the simple tips and techniques you can make great projects. Try an Autumn leaf wreath, fruit basket, baby booties, garden glove gift card (a great way to send a friend that special packet of seeds), or any of these wonderful creations. Softcover 128 pp Pub at $19.95 Learn More

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