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  1. Along the Garden Path


    by Jean and Valori Wells. Both gardening and quilting offer the creative soul an opportunity to play with color, patterns, texture, and shapes. Here, patterns from 10 well known quilt designers are featured, along with the gardens that inspire them. Each chapter profiles the designer and offers several pages of color photographs of their gardens. Both gardens and quilts represent many different styles. Gardens range from English cottage to drought tolerant Texas gardens. Quilt styles include impressionistic, bold applique, and traditional patterns with a twist. Great directions and templates where needed. Softcover 144pp PUB at $27.95 Learn More

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    Ed by Joe Richardson. A small book (4" X 6") that covers the broad spectrum of aromatherapy options. It introduces aromatherapy principles, means of dispersing scent, and portraits of the 30 most useful essential oils. There are recipes for using the oils in massage oils, soaps, bath products, body creams, potpourris, candles, sachets and other mood enhancing products. There is an extensive section on aromatherapy massage for the back, neck, face, and feet with excellent photos demonstrating each technique. Gardening for fragrance and aromatic edibles are also included. Lovely color photos and charming watercolors illustrate. Softcover 395pp PUB at $7.98 Learn More

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  3. Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    A step-by-step children's book for gardening projects and cooking recipes. It covers all the basics from safety, tools and techniques, to cooking and gardening with handy directories of plant profiles and terms. Learn More

  4. Fairy House


    By Liza Gardener Walsh. What is a fairy house? Ask a child, and they will tell you; ?It is a small house we build in nature for the fairies.? Liza helps you explore nature and her young friends also tell what they think is environmentally safe to gather. It has wonderful photos, poems, and ideas for all ages, even a recipe for lavender cookies that you and your fairy friends will enjoy! Whether it is the house you build them or the unique decorations you use to attract your fairies, everyone will have fun building these whimsical dwellings. Hardcover 84 pp Learn More

  5. Fairy Houses and Beyond


    By Barry & Tracy Kane. This is the second photo book from Barry & Tracy Kane. Tracy was inspired when she discovered her first collection of fairy houses scattered along a path while exploring a coastal island. As she gathered her own natural materials from the surrounding woods, she let her imagination soar as she built her own fairy cottage. She decided then that this would be the perfect way to introduce this delightful activity to children everywhere by writing and illustrating these books along with her photographer husband Barry. In this book she shares stories of others that enjoyed these fairy habitats with the creative excitement with the children who have built them. Hardcover 62 pp Learn More

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  6. Enchanted Parties


    Throw a flower fairy party! Everything you need is here - 10 invitations, stickers, name badges - even a template for fairy wings! There are ideas for party themes, making decorations, flower fairy food, simple to make flower fairy costumes, and plenty of unique games and activities. Easy and Fun! Hardcover spiral bound. 40pp Learn More

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  7. Gardening Projects for Kids


    101 ways to get kids outside, dirty and having fun. By Whitney Cohen and John Fisher Both Whitney and John draw on years of experience working at the Life Lab Garden Classroom and gardening with their own children. Here they teach parents how to integrate the garden into family life whatever the size, with practical advice on kid friendly gardens, ideas for fun filled theme gardens, garden activities and how to cook and preserve the garden?s bounty. Kids can be great helpers while learning to enjoy good food and the accomplishment of knowing they did it themselves. Softcover 256 pp Learn More

  8. Gourd Pyrography


    By Jim Widess. Pyrography is the art of using heat to draw, carve or scorch designs. It is perfect for enhancing a gourds natural beauty and turning it into an elegant decorative piece. In the appendix, 90 different pen tips (with sources) are featured! Directions discuss gourd preparation and pyroengraving tools and techniques. Then, four artists walk you through 11 projects, step by step. After this, a gallery features 50 artists, their gourd art, and their secrets for achieving their effects. A final section showcases gourd jewelry. Softcover 143pp Learn More

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  9. Gourds and Fiber


    Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More. By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Throughout history, gourds have been used for functional and beautiful embellishments of art. In this unique book, two leading experts in gourd crafting, Ginger Summit and Jim Widess, take you through 30 beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions for coiling, plaiting, stitching and knotting everything from pine needles to leather beads. The authors? instructions on choosing and preparing gourds will give you a solid introduction to the basics so that you can start embellishing with ease. A wealth of photos showing the steps and the finished project will inspire your own creative process. Softcover 144pp Learn More

  10. Gourds With Southwest Motifs


    With Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More. By Bonnie Gibson. Bonnie?s deep appreciation of native cultures of the southwest and her wide variety of skills has brought us a great book with over twenty classic projects from pins to decorative baskets and other art works. She helps you with information on choosing a gourd, setting up a work area, cleaning, cutting, and using simple and advanced tools and techniques. Beautiful photos show diverse patterns, how-to steps and a variety of gourd art for you to try. Softcover 160pp Learn More

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  11. Handmade Paper


    By Diane Flowers. Creating beautiful paper from trash? Yes! Diane shows you how to make these stunning simple yet gorgeous papers from any junk mail, flyers, magazines, cardboard or scrap paper in your home. There are easy to follow directions for four simple stages, with photos showing you how to make more than 25 types of paper, plus variations. Add flower petals, seeds or material and you have papers that will make journal covers, bookmarks, cards, lampshades or even a floral pin or wall hanging. A book that will help you be eco-friendly and create one of a kind papers. Hardcover 130 pp. Pub at $24.95. Learn More

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  12. How to Find Flower Faries


    Sure to enchant young and old alike, this is an exquisitely illustrated book based on the Cicely Mary Barker flower fairies. It gives lots of good advice on finding flower fairies and even some practice! Five enchanting pop-up scenes of a tree top, forest floor, garden, marsh, and wayside, are full of hidden fairies for little ones (or anyone!) to find. Large format 10" x 11-1/2" hardcover. 13pp Learn More

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