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    By Lawrence Davis-Hollander. New edition of last year's book "The Tomato Festival Cookbook". This book gives you 150 recipes and goes into the history, varieties and preparation of them as well as preserving the harvest and seed saving. Some recipes are interpretations of classic tomato based dishes and some are historic recipes updated to modern tastes and ingredients. Lawrence includes recipes from all over like Rick Bayless's Mexican Essential Quick Cooked Tomato Chipotle Sauce, or Massimo Capras Itian Ragu Di Salcicce. You can take your garden's bounty, serve it up with a flourish and enjoy your own homemade ketchup, red and yellow tomato salad with lentils, basil and goat cheese, or tomato tarts. Well worth having in your collection of cookbooks for those abundant tomatoes from your garden. Softcover 278 pp Learn More

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  2. Vegetarian


    Consultant editor Nicola Graimes. "Vegetarianism is not just about achieving optimum health, but should also be an enjoyable and delicious way of eating." This is just part of the introduction to this book with over 300 healthy and wholesome recipes from around the world. Each page contains vibrant photos with easy-to-follow recipes and tips. This book introduces you to the basics of vegetarian wholefood diet, with the essentials of good health. It tells you the different fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouted seeds, grains, soybeans and dairy (and more) as well as how to store them. These facts about key health benefits and traditional healing qualities can help us live, look and feel better. Making your own Apricot and Almond Muesli for breakfast is delicious and healthier for you than anything in the local grocery store. With the variety of ingredients included in this book it's easy for you to try the more unusual vegetables from the worldwide section of our catalog, like Celeriac and Blue Cheese Roulade or Cilantro Ravioli with Pumpkin Filling. Even the more common vegetables from your garden can be transformed into a new and unique dish like Spiced Carrot Dip. Hard cover 512pp. Learn More

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  3. Ordinary Miracles


    This creative and beautifully illustrated manuscript catalogues the A-Z wonders growing right outside your door. His floral alphabet will be enjoyed by all ages for its art, clever simplicity, and obvious appreciation for the abundant beauty of the flowers and fauna detailed here. The artists hand-drawn, full color, and pen and ink drawings burst with fine detail and whimsy, sharing his garden of miracles with all of us. A lovely gift for the young, or the young at heart, gardeners. Hardcover 62 pp Learn More

  4. Gourds and Fiber


    Embellishing Gourds with Basketry, Weaving, Stitching, Macrame & More. By Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. Throughout history, gourds have been used for functional and beautiful embellishments of art. In this unique book, two leading experts in gourd crafting, Ginger Summit and Jim Widess, take you through 30 beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions for coiling, plaiting, stitching and knotting everything from pine needles to leather beads. The authors? instructions on choosing and preparing gourds will give you a solid introduction to the basics so that you can start embellishing with ease. A wealth of photos showing the steps and the finished project will inspire your own creative process. Softcover 144pp Learn More

  5. Straw Bale Gardens

    Straw Bale Gardens

    The breakthrough method for growing vegetables anywhere, earlier and with no weeding! By Joel Karsten. I love this book! It gives anyone who wants to garden the opportunity to do so; regardless of toxic soils, concrete backyards or lack of space. You can set the bales up anywhere and because they generate heat as the straw decomposes, it gives you a head start in planting and will yield ripe tomatoes weeks before the other gardens in town. Joel shows you how to condition the bales, set up a drip irrigation, and then plant anything that you would in a regular garden. You use very little soil to start the seed or seedlings and the plant will grow right into the fertilized bale. Potatoes gown this way are planted 8-12 inches down the bale, and when it's time to harvest, just knock the bale over and you have the perfectly clean potatoes ready. You can arrange the bales in different ways or even stack them for multilevel or raised bed that is even easy for someone through the winter into a great soil for you to use next year. Straw bales are not full of seeds so you are virtually weed-free in your garden. Softcover 144 pp Learn More

  6. Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy


    Garden Solutions Without Chemical Pollution. By Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor. Loren, an award winning television journalist and Janet, an entomologist and former zookeeper, are both consultants on environmental issues. The authors had great success with their first book, Dead Snails Leave No Trails, and this companion book offers a wide range of new tips and techniques for truly effective organic gardening. Loren and Janet help you learn how to be your own plant doctor. They show you how to recognize and correct plant deficiencies, use methods of making and using your own blend of organic fertilizers to build the soil and easy techniques and suggestions that are proven to work. They also help you make your own potting soil, compost and mulch, make natural pest and disease repellants, sprays and traps, attracting beneficial insects, inviting butterflies and wildlife into your natural space and what to do if wildlife becomes a problem. This is a wonderful reference for any gardener. Softcover 178 pp Learn More

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    5th Edition Edited by Stephen Schmidt By Janet Greene, Ruth Hertzberg and Beatrice Vaughan. For more than thirty years this book has been the one-stop source for everything the home cook needed to know about preserving food. Now, this classic is fully updated sharing step-by-step directions to help you do it safely and deliciously! This 5th edition includes: instructions for canning, freezing, salting, smoking, drying and root cellaring, mouthwatering recipes for pickles, relishes, jams and jellies, information on preserving with less sugar and salt, tips on equipment, ingredients, health, safety issues and resources. With all the salmonella and e-coli scares today chapter two covers why foods spoil, giving you easy to understand and follow information. Several Pinetree employees have older versions of this book and still use them constantly as their best resource for procedures and recipes. Softcover 454pp Learn More

  8. Houseplant Encyclopedia


    By Ingrid Jantra and Ursula Kruger. With all the plant varities found in your local gardening nurseries today it would be nice to know how to take care of what you want to grow. This book can help you do that. It has information on purchasing, placment, plants that need careful handling, poisonous plants, plants with particular needs, brief histories, native habitats and basic structures. Illustrated with more than 900 color photographs, easy to follow advice, an A-Z listing of container plants by botanical name, detailed descriptions and simple instructions for care and propogation. It uses informative symbols for each, explaining their light, watering and feeding requirements with useful tips to get the most from your plants. Softcover 384pp Pub at $29.95 Learn More

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    By Mary Gribbin and John Gribbin. The story of 11 flower hunters that travel to every corner of the earth in search of new and exotic plants. These obsessive men and women from the middle of the 17th to the end of the 19th century were the founding figures of the new science of botany. The explorers, risking their lives to search for undiscovered plants provided great botanical collections, lay the foundation for the revolution in understanding the natural world and gave us our familiar garden plants. Softcover. 332 pp. Pub at $19.95 Learn More

  10. Quick Knits


    From House of White Birches. Knitting has been gaining in popularity again. Part of this is the easy and fun patterns, part is because of all the yarn and new materials that are out there today, but mostly because it is a fun and relaxing pastime. This book has over 100 quick knit designs that anyone can enjoy both making and wearing. It has flirty fashion accents, trendy summer knits, sweaters rich with style and afghans sleek and cozy. Each project will tell you if it is for beginnner, easy or intermediate with finished size, materials, gauge pattern and directions. There are even some wool felted projects to knit (which is also very popular now) and a variety of other styles and colors to tempt anyone, even 2 patterns for your pooch. It also has special techniques and standard knitting abreviations. Softcover 304 pp. Pub at $24.95 Learn More

  11. Trowel & Error

    Trowel & Error

    Over 700 shortcuts, tips & remedies for the gardener. By Sharon Lovejoy. Sharon is a best selling, award-winning author who will captivate you with her folksy approach and scientific knowledge, and her love of gardening. Shows you how to combat pests naturally, the easiest way to eradicate weeds, and how to start seeds as well as many other tips you might need in your garden. The charming illustrations and home-spun remedies will have you looking through it again and again. Some might surprise you with their simplicity, but they do work! You will find easy and resourceful tips for many of your garden needs. One simple idea, use complete NPK - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to de-ice anything that is near landscaping instead of salt. The potassium melts the ice and the phosphorus will provide a slip-proof surface without injuring roots or killing plants. Softcover 206 pp Learn More

  12. Garden Explored


    by Mia Amato. Mia is a full time journalist and lifelong gardener. If someone tells her it can’t be done, Mia would rather try it herself and prove she can do it. In this book she shares her sense of adventure and knowledge with you. By following in the San Francisco’s Exploritorium tradition of hands on, minds on exploration, which has set the standard for interactive science centers; she provides dozens of projects and activities to help build a deeper understanding of the science in your garden. She also explains why knowing the background of a plant and what it requires, will help you get the best results from it. Her simple experiments will have you exploring your backyard and learning how and why plants will grow and do things the way they do. Soft Cover 152pp Pub at $12.95 Learn More

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