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  1. Easy Green Living


    The Ultimate Guide to Simple, Eco-Friendly Choices For You and Your Home. By Renee Loux. Renee is an author and celebrated organic chef, who works as an advisor for large companies, spas and hotels. She demonstrates that being green at home is easy, affordable, and better in every sense of the word. She discusses the daily choices in keeping our homes clean without toxins and avoiding cleaning products with hazardous ingredients. This book provides you with complete simple, easy information on how to be green. By checking your own home - did you know that most water heaters are set at 140 degrees, and which is just a waste - it is too hot for household needs. If everyone just turned it down 10 degrees. It would save about 600 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. You can also look at labels and buy more eco-friendly products, or make your own safe cleaners. She provides you with top product information with their web sites and where they are available, also what is safe and what is not. This book is a great guide that will help explain all the overwhelming information out there today. Softcover 396 pp Pub at $25.00 Learn More

  2. Homemade Crackers


    By Jim Long -new edition- Discover a new breed of crackers with healthy ingredients and great flavor. Make Blue Cheese Crispy, Herbal Oat, Marjoram Cheddar, Pecan Cheddar Thyme, or vegetable crackers. Also try Chili and Oregano Tortilla Chips, Firecrackers or Caraway Semame Sticks. There are 55 tasty recipes to suit all tastes! Softcover 36pp Learn More



    All you need to know to create attractive water garden plantings with a minimum of fuss and maintenance. Learn More

  4. Edible Rainbow Garden


    By Rosalind Creasy Create a fun, healthy and colorful garden! With so many colored varieties of vegetables today you can have an incredibly beautiful garden. The wonderful photos and information in this book will have you designing your rainbow garden with delight. Choose from Amaranths to Watermelons in great new colors. Rosalind Creasy profiles edible varieties by theme and offers recipes for using them. Softcover 106 pp pub. at $14.95 Learn More

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  5. Country Living


    Updated 10th edition By Carla Emery This is a remarkable book in many ways. Its sheer size is impressive, an 8 1/2 x 11 inch format with 885 pages. The fact that it is the effort of a single author is even more noteworthy, especially when you learn that Carla Emery spent 30 years working on this book, while at the same time, homesteading and raising seven children! She has accumulated the information for at least a dozen books in one volume. We were continually amazed at the breadth of information included here. In chapters on vegetables, herbs, and fruits, there were far more varieties mentioned than in entire books we carry on those subjects (124 herbs, for instance!). There is a very complete chapter on raising a wide variety of grasses, grains, and canes that include: amaranth, millet, quinoa, rice, sorghum (with broom-making directions) sugar cane, wheat and much more. There are also extensive sections on farm animals: poultry, goats, cows, home dairying, bees, rabbits, sheep and pigs. Favorite recipes and further resources are scattered throughout. In a time of too many slick publications, Carla Emery's sincerity is truly refreshing. This expanded updated edition includes mail order source information with email and website addresses. It also includes more of Emery's personal advice, reflections and antidotes. Softcover 885 pp? Learn More

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  6. Encyclopedia of Vegetable Gardening


    by Brenda Little. Here is a concise basic book for the small gardener on how to decide what and how much to grow, when to harvest and how to care for your vegetables and herbs. Each chapter gives you the common and botanical names, origin and different types of varieties. Whether in a container on your patio or in a backyard garden, these chapters give over 200 illustrations with clear and complete instructions on planting, fertilizing, seed varieties, special handling, pests and diseases, storing and preserving, and serving suggestions for a bumper crop of vegetables and herbs. Brenda also goes on to give you notes on establishing a garden, cold frames, soil, planting guides and step-by-step instructions on the correct and safe ways to freeze, dry and store your harvested vegetables. Soft cover 288 pp Learn More

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  7. Exotic Planting


    by Christopher Lloyd. Christopher delighted and shocked some summer visitors when he replaced an 80 year old Lutyens-designed rose garden with his exotic one. He used bold combinations of palms, cut leafed sumac and arching New Zealand flax with cannas and dahlias, which were woven with verbena and annual climbers. This combination added dazzling color from June until the first frosts. His book starts with hardy structural plants, then adds exotic perennials and shrubs. He continues his garden explosion with annuals and then finishes with exotic edibles in pots. He gives generous information about these plants to encourage you to try an exotic oasis for yourself. Hard cover 193pp. Pub at $29.95 Learn More

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  8. Fabulous Sorbets


    Jim Long found a sorbet maker at a yard sale and that started him on a whole new flavor track - using edible blossoms and herbs to flavor sorbets. Sorbets are great for capturing subtle flavors. After explaining basic methods of making sorbet, Long shares his recipes that combine unusual flavorings such as lilac, lavender, violet, lemon verbena, scented geranium or sweet woodruff with fruit to make wonderfully refreshing delights. Softcover 36pp Learn More

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  9. Fairy House


    By Liza Gardener Walsh. What is a fairy house? Ask a child, and they will tell you; ?It is a small house we build in nature for the fairies.? Liza helps you explore nature and her young friends also tell what they think is environmentally safe to gather. It has wonderful photos, poems, and ideas for all ages, even a recipe for lavender cookies that you and your fairy friends will enjoy! Whether it is the house you build them or the unique decorations you use to attract your fairies, everyone will have fun building these whimsical dwellings. Hardcover 84 pp Learn More

  10. Fairy Houses and Beyond


    By Barry & Tracy Kane. This is the second photo book from Barry & Tracy Kane. Tracy was inspired when she discovered her first collection of fairy houses scattered along a path while exploring a coastal island. As she gathered her own natural materials from the surrounding woods, she let her imagination soar as she built her own fairy cottage. She decided then that this would be the perfect way to introduce this delightful activity to children everywhere by writing and illustrating these books along with her photographer husband Barry. In this book she shares stories of others that enjoyed these fairy habitats with the creative excitement with the children who have built them. Hardcover 62 pp Learn More

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  11. Farm Stand Puzzle


    By Debbie Mumm. Debbie, head of her own company, is a talented artist who has been delighting millions for over 25 years with her warm, folksy watercolors. 550 piece puzzle. Learn More

  12. Farmers of Fourty Centuries


    By F. H. King For thousands of years, Asian farmers have cultivated the same land without exhausting the soil's fertility and supported very dense populations. In the early 1900's, F. H. King, an official of the U.S. D. A. studied organic farming methods in China, Korea and Japan firsthand. He relates his observations in this amazing book, first published in 1911. He was impressed with Asian farmers methods of conserving and utilizing natural resources. They planted intensively, often growing two to four crops per year on the same plot, and constructed elaborate canal systems for irrigation. They let nothing go to waste; fuel ash, canal mud, organic refuse and manure, were all used to build soil fertility. King also studied their reforestation methods, land reclamation, and the cultivation of diverse crops, among them rice, mulberry for silkworms, and tea. He provides wonderful descriptions of the farmers lives and the places he visited. Over 240 black and white photographs from his trips illustrate the book. An altogether fascinating glimpse of another culture, with lessons for today. Softcover 441 pp Learn More

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