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  1. Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    Cooking & Gardening Projects For Kids

    A step-by-step children's book for gardening projects and cooking recipes. It covers all the basics from safety, tools and techniques, to cooking and gardening with handy directories of plant profiles and terms. Learn More

  2. Cooking with Potatoes


    Discusses varieties, and then provides around 30 recipes including gnocchi, and many more that combine potatoes with another vegetable. Learn More

  3. Country Wisdom


    373 Tips, crafts, home improvements, recipes and homemade crafts. Excerpted from Storey ublishing?s Country Wisdom Library. A little book with a lot of answers! This is crammed full of country wisdom for everyone to enjoy. It has an easy format divided into four seasons that gives you 373 ways to live a more self sufficient life year round. It?s always nice to make homemade gifts for Christmas, but this goes further with home improvements for each season, recipes, gardening advice, caring for pets and farm animals, creating your own health and beauty remedies, and preserving food. It also includes all major holidays, daily temperatures, equinoxes, solstices and moon phases through 2020. So, learn to build a rock wall, make your own Halloween decorations or even fix that sticking door. Softcover 320 pp Learn More

  4. Creative Concrete Ornaments


    Making pots, planters, birdbaths, sculptures and more. By Sherri Warner Hnter. Sherri, who has worked with concrete for over a decade, proves once again that concrete is not just for sidewalks. Her selection of thirty creative and beautiful designs are perfect for the garden. The illustrated instructions make it easy to learn and the simplest projects come first so beginners can work their way through, building their skills as they progress through the book. Projects include a carved trough, a sand-cast bowl, elegant relief panel, and for more skilled crafters, a decorative walkway, sculpture and water feature. Softcover 176 pp Learn More

  5. Curious Gardeners Almanac


    by Niall Edworthy. This is a wonderfully witty book full of knowledge, poems and history on herbs, flowers, fruit, gardens and wildlife. Set up in almanac style with beautifully rendered illustrations throughout; it also includes old proverbs, recipes and newer quips and quotes to delight and enjoy in. While some sayings are pure whimsy Niall also delivers practical advise too. This would be a favorite book to read at any time of year and would be a great gift to any gardening friend. Hardcover 192pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $16.98

  6. Cuttings From a Rock Garden


    By Lincoln & Laura Foster Illustrations by Laura Louise Foster These two writers have redefined rock gardening in America, bringing alpine and native woodland plants together and fitting them into the natural landscape for a wonderful effect. This shows their extended experience, observations of plant portraits and how to grow them, and the story of how they turned a woodland mountainside in Connecticut at their Millstream House into one of the most enchanting rock gardens in the world. Softcover 446 pp pub. at $24.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $6.98

  7. Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy


    Garden Solutions Without Chemical Pollution. By Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor. Loren, an award winning television journalist and Janet, an entomologist and former zookeeper, are both consultants on environmental issues. The authors had great success with their first book, Dead Snails Leave No Trails, and this companion book offers a wide range of new tips and techniques for truly effective organic gardening. Loren and Janet help you learn how to be your own plant doctor. They show you how to recognize and correct plant deficiencies, use methods of making and using your own blend of organic fertilizers to build the soil and easy techniques and suggestions that are proven to work. They also help you make your own potting soil, compost and mulch, make natural pest and disease repellants, sprays and traps, attracting beneficial insects, inviting butterflies and wildlife into your natural space and what to do if wildlife becomes a problem. This is a wonderful reference for any gardener. Softcover 178 pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $12.98

  8. Digging Deep


    by Fran Sorin. Fran combines her psychology degree with her job as a garden designer to show us how to unearth our creative spirit. She describes a 7-stage process of imagining, envisioning, planning, planting, tending, enjoying and completing to awaken the creative spirit in designing one’s garden. Her goal takes you to find your inner, original style, instead of just copying what everyone else has done. Whether you have a twenty-acre lot or just a fire escape to work with you will be creating an authentic part of you. Hardcover 198pp PUB at $22.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price: $4.98

  9. Down and Dirty


    by Ellen Zachos. Ostensibly aimed at beginning gardeners, Ellen Zachos book of 43 garden projects has plenty of great ideas for everyone. And imbedded in all the garden projects are all the basic skills a gardener needs to learn. Four categories of projects are scattered through the book. Down and Dirty Basics include tool collecting, seed starting, season extending, bird gardening, soil improving, deer and bug problems and more. Down and Dirty Projects range from forcing tulips to container, raised bed and grow bag gardens. A few Down and Dirty Adventures involve photography, elder flower Champaign and community gardens. And finally, there is Down and Dirty Plants, featuring plants for cool theme gardens - hummingbird and feline favorites, plants for the senses, vines, fruits, night gardens, and my favorite - the dinosaur garden, featuring prehistoric-looking plants that offer the perfect playground for kids dinosaurs. Colored photos illustrate. Softcover 248pp. Pub at $19.95. Wicked good deal! Learn More



    DRINK THE HARVEST - MAKING & PRESERVING JUICES, WINES, MEADS, TEAS & CIDERS By Nan K. Chase and DeNeice C. Guest From garden to kitchen, these recipes and techniques will show you how to harvest, can, ferment, and pasteurize your bounty into practical and creative juices, syrups, beverages, wines, meads, specialty drinks, and teas. Gain the confidence to get creative with the contents of your own plot of land and take your garden to an amazing level of productivity to fill your larder. The variety of recipes is a starting point to encourage you to think outside the juice box. With helpful tips and accurate total processing times, you can take the stress out of these procedures in planning for them during your busy week. Helpful hints throughout the book will show you how to plan your harvest year round, the equipment used, processing, bottling, and storing your bounty. Like the vegetable blended juice in the store? Make your own version with the Sensational 7 Vegetable Drink or Peerless Pear Cider! What’s more delicious than a dark velvety Blueberry Basil Syrup over fresh biscuits or homemade pancakes? Expand your garden and explore new, flavorful, healthy creations. Softcover – 224pp Learn More

  11. Dryland Gardening


    Thrive in Tough Conditions. By Jennifer Bennett. With climate changes and long standing water reservoirs shrinking, it is getting harder to grow some of our more traditional plants. Jennifer has first-hand experience gardening under challenging growing conditions where wind, drought and temperature extremes prevail. She helps you understand what is affecting your area and how to raise beautiful gardens with the new resources available. These adjustments can make your garden more weatherproof and help conserve energy and water while protecting your plants. Also contains information on the appearance, growing needs, and care of your herbs, grasses and ground covers, bulbs, perennials and vines, annuals and shrubs. Softcover 192 pp pub at $24.95 Learn More

  12. Easy Dips


    You can't serve those crackers with ordinary dip! Wow your guest with Long's simple, unique dip recipes. There are 112 A-Z dip recipes, from avocado to crab to green chili to horseradish to pesto to spinach to zucchini dips. Additionally, there are 43 ethnic dips from around the world, from Italy to Turkey to China. Great variety and flavors! Spiral bound 104pp Learn More

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    Special Price: $10.98

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