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  1. Your Farm in the City


    An urban dweller?s guide to growing food and raising animals. By Lisa Taylor. Urban gardening is a new term for resourceful food gardening in a city setting. Written specifically with city dwellers in mind, this has complete information to help guide you to your own micro-farm, with advice on organic produce, livestock, (including chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats) in any urban environment, from a rooftop, window box or in a city lot or backyard. The techniques in this have been refined and taught at the Seattle Tilth Learning Garden for more than thirty tears and can be used to create a high-yield city farm across the United States and Canada. Even those in more rural settings will benefit from this practical advice. Softcover 336 pp Learn More



    How to grow your own food 365 days a year no matter where you live. By Niki Jabbour. Niki is a garden writer and host of The Weekend Gardener - a call in radio show. The first frost no longer has to be the end of your growing season. Niki gardens in Nova Scotia, where short summers and low levels of winter sunlight create the ultimate challenge, but her simple techniques will have you harvesting throughout the year, no matter where you live. You can master the art of succession planting and make inexpensive structures to protect your vegetables through the colder months. Yes, you can have fresh salads in February! Softcover 256 pp Learn More

  3. Giant Pumpkins


    By Don Langevin. This is the forth book that Don has written on giant pumpkins. Here, Don takes a new, organic approach to growing them and also introduces the concept of the Soil Food Web for maximizing the potential of plants. He gives you a complete history of giant pumpkin growing since the rise in weights in 1857 and the modern history starting in 1976. The lineage of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, (which we sell) the only variety used by competitive pumpkin growers, is explored in a way that shows the genetics of the present day Atlantic Giant and also gives information on soil preparation, seed selection, seed starting, protection, critter control, pollination, insects and diseases, estimating weight, lifting and more. Since Langevins first book in 1993, the world record has gone from 827 pounds to 1689 pounds with more that 135 1300 pound pumpkins sanctioned at regional weigh offs. This book also includes many colorful photos of the pumpkins and the people who have grown them. Softcover 194 pp Learn More

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  4. Wisdom of the Last Farmer


    By David Mas Masumoto. In this book, the author chronicles the three generations of farmers in his family who have been shaped by the land, and their ideals, to bring us a meaningful and and thoughtful view into the world of modern farming. We go to our local grocery store and buy a peach, take it home, and hope it will soften and ripen without spoiling. Very few of us know the difference between a store bought peach and the exquisite experience of biting into a juicy heirloom peach that has been picked at full ripeness. This is the story of David Mas Masumoto and others like him who have kept alive farming traditions that offer us treasures like this so all of us may enjoy some of lifes simplest pleasures, even in the face of mounting costs, pressure from large companies and shrinking profitability. A reminder of the important and thankless job small farmers have in the modern agriculture world. Hardcover. 239 pp. Pub at $25.00. Learn More

  5. Wildlife Gardeners Guide


    by Janet Marinelli. This Brooklyn Botanic Garden Guide is just packed with specific suggestions for attracting wildlife in all regions of the country. The author says she found most wildlife gardening guides too general, so she developed 10 projects with step-by-step directions for each. They can be incorporated into existing gardens or started from scratch. The projects are: Bird Gardens, Stopover Gardens for Migrators, Evergreen Refuges, Flower Borders, Container Gardens for Wildlife, Butterfly Gardens, Water for Wildlife, Beneficial Insect Buffet, and Housing Projects. They focus on using native plants since wildlife have co-evolved with natives and are more attracted by them. Each plan lists plants for each region of the country. Superb color photos offer close-up views of the wonders of wildlife gardening. Softcover 119 pp. Learn More

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  6. Wild Moments


    by Ted Williams. Ted Williams, the environmental and nature writer (not the Bosoxs "Splendid Splinter") shares here a collection of his seasonal observations. Williams is a keen observer and each essay is about a single moment he has witnessed. He explains the natural phenomena behind these moments and tells readers where to go and what to look for so they may also try to observe such events. Along with teaching about various plants, animals, birds, and insects, Williams is also showing the reader how to "see", how to observe the marvels of the natural world. His essays follow the cycle of one year and included instances witnessed in all parts of the country. He calls these moments "retreats into what is pure and clean and right with the world". Reading these beautifully composed essays indeed refreshed the spirit. Hardcover 192pp PUB at $22.95 Learn More

  7. Wild Fermentation


    By Sandor Ellix Katz. This engaging and unique book gives us the opportunity to rediscover "food as nutrition movement" and introduces us to the world of fermented and live culture cuisine. Some of these we are already aware of: bread, beer, cheese, yogurt, and sauerkraut. This book will take you further and explain the health benefits of fermented foods, the cultural theory, homogenization and manipulations, vegetable, bean and dairy ferments, breads, grains, wines, beers and vinegars, and cultural reincarnation: which is fermentation in the cycles of life, soil fertility and social change. Wild fermentation is the only comprehensive recipe book of fermented and live-culture cuisine ever published. It explores the history and politics of human nutrition and provides you with incredible health benefits that are delicious and easy to make. Softcover 188pp Learn More



    All the details on the space efficient, intensive method of planting in 10-inch to 3-foot rows. Learn More

  9. Whats Wrong With my Garden


    By David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth. An easy and informative guide for any gardener to follow! Teaches you how to keep your vegetables healthy so they are less susceptible to disease and pests, and when problems do appear it shows you how to recognize and find the best solution. A wealth of knowledge it will quickly become your go-to book for gardening help. Has detailed information on the most commonly grown vegetables, including growth habit, the plants season, temperature, soil, water requirements and best garden uses and planting techniques. If you care about raising the freshest, healthiest, most problem-free vegetables possible, then this book will quickly become one of your most essential tools! Softcover 252 pp Learn More

  10. Week by Week Guide


    By Ron Kujawski and Jennifer Kujawski. Timing is everything, and whether you start your garden planning as a new year?s resolution or grab some seeds with the first warm days of spring this garden planner can help everyone improve their season. Ron and Jennifer, a father and daughter team, will help you take the guesswork out of gardening with weekly to-do lists that break gardening down into easily managed tasks. This helps both beginner and experienced gardeners by taking them through a week-by-week plan for your growing season instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer easy instructions for setting up a personalized schedule based on your last frost date that will help you know when to start seeds indoors, what day to transplant them into the ground, when to pinch off blossoms and when to pick for peak flavor. This gives a full years worth of great advice for all. Softcover, spiral bound 200pp Learn More

  11. Weedless Gardening


    By Lee Reich The phrase "weedless gardening" seems like an oxymoron, but Lee Reich claims it's possible. Reich, who has worked in soil and plant research for the USDA and Cornell University, spent 20 years refining his system of gardening from the top down. The major components of this system are: 1. Minimize soil disruption, 2. Protect the soil surface, 3. Avoid soil compaction, and 4. Use drip irrigation. Reich does not till soil in the spring; he says that exposes hidden weed seeds to light and oxygen, enabling them to sprout. Instead, he says to prepare soil simply cut down or mow weeds or grass. Then lay down 4 layers of newspaper and cover that with mulch 1-3 inches deep. You actually plant seeds or seedlings in this mulch without making holes in the paper. Reich fills in all the details on his method, including a section that covers individual vegetables. (He doesn't even dig deep for asparagus!) He claims his 2000 sq. foot garden needs less than 5 minutes of weeding per week! Softcover 200 pp Learn More

  12. Water Gardens


    by Yvonne Rees and Neil Sutherland. Water gardens, once a rarity, are available to any energetic do-it-yourselfer. Materials can be obtained at most garden centers or around the house. We like this book because its 16 projects are on the simpler end of the water feature scale. Most are in containers - water gardens, bog gardens and fountains. Others involve adding novelty water features or a waterfall to the garden. The book also has much other useful information for water gardeners. It covers the basics such as styles, liners, edgings, and installing water pumps, filters, and fountains. It also has an extensive plant section beginning with waterlilies, other floaters, and oxygenators and spreading out to the marginal moisture loving plants that help fit the water garden in the landscape. Numerous color photos adorn each page. Hardcover 140pp pub at $22.95 Learn More

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